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Willpower, Weight Loss and the HCG Diet

January 3, 2016
I love this caption. The HCG Diet is a great way to dial in your willpower!~
I love this caption. The HCG Diet is a great way to dial in your willpower!~

Stay Strong and Stand for your Desires -- The HCG Diet can Help You


I hear it all of the time ... "I want to be 20 lbs less."  " I want to feel better in my body."  I want, I want, I want ...

However, if you are not willing to make changes in your lifestyle you will have trouble getting to where you WANT to be.

If you want to transform your body so bad and you think about it multiple times per day why don't you align your thoughts and actions

on this path and stick with it.  The HCG Diet is a great platform for jumping in and losing some excess weight and learning some amazing

things about your eating patterns and will power in the process.



Dial in your Willpower with the HCG Diet -- this will take you FAR


On the HCG Diet, there is no room for cheating.  The program simply does not work if you do not stick with it as outlined.  The better you stick with it the more you become in tune with your will power and your body. I love witnessing this part of the program.  It is amazing to see my patients become so empowered as they harness their own willpower stores into action. They begin to lose weight, come closer to their weight loss dreams and they begin to feel PROUD!!!  If you really want that body so bad that you dream about all day ... then, why would you do things that keep you from obtaining that dream.  Human nature ... we have to be mindful of our pitfalls


Will my Willpower Stay Strong after the HCG Diet


Many of my patients are simply amazed at the amount of willpower that shows up while on the HCG Diet.  It is so fun to watch them feel so proud of themselves and happy with the way their body is transforming.  I find that this goes far into phase III and into the "rest of your life" phase after the program is over. 




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