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What Makes our HCG Diet Unique!?

May 30, 2017
Medically Supervised HCG Diet Portland
Medically Supervised HCG Diet Portland

What makes our hCG Diet Program at The Natural Path Unique

At The Natural Path, we have spent the last decade of our practice refining our HCG Diet program. The base of the program comes from Dr. Simeons original work using the HCG Diet for weight loss in the 1950's and 1960's.  Through the years, we have conducted clinical trials in our practice allowing us to add different foods in varying amounts to the program. We have also made some changes based on modern day science.  We love this program and the strong impact it has on the lives of many of our patients. 


Our HCG Diet Program Offers ...


  • Medical Supervision ~ We begin by treating each patient as a whole person! The start of each program begins with a 1-1.5 hour comprehensive office visit to review your medical history, weight loss history and order lab work where needed to check for metabolic issues that maybe interfering with weight loss. We will also review the hCG diet protocol in detail and get a baseline body composition analysis on our state of the art body composition analyzer. This will help us to determine what a healthy and optimal weight is for you  Each week, you will meet with one of our doctors to check on progress and make program adjustments if needed.  Our doctors are also available to you by phone or email if you need support between office visits.  Your success on the program is one of our greatest priorities!
  • Dramatic weight loss ~ Most patients will lose and average of ½ to 1 lb per day on the program.  Depending on how much weight you have to lose, the program can last for 3-6 weeks.  In general, patients generally can lose anywhere from 10-35 lbs. Multiple rounds can be done with a break in between until optimal weight loss is achieved. in a 40-day cycle. Patients complete the necessary number of cycles to achieve their optimal weight. 
  • Weight Loss from fat stores and not muscle ~ this is what makes the hCG Diet program unique.  On body composition analysis before the program and after completion we can see that the majority of weight lost comes from fat mass and not lean body mass.  This is very important for proper metabolism.  This is also the hypothesized reason that hCG keeps hunger at bay and keeps metabolism strong!  Through the program, you may only be eating a limited number of calories. However, you are turning over your fat stores for fuel!
  • Weight Loss Maintained ~ The Natural Path offers a very comprehensive Stabilization phase (phase 3) of the hCG Diet program.  Our doctors, have created a unique protocol that helps your body to create a new “set point” for your weight.  Throughout the program, you will also LEARN about your own bodies weight “triggers” and our method of “correction days” that are used if weight goes up past your optimal stabilization range.
  • Improvements in overall Health ~ Excess weight is a factor in many chronic diseases today. By losing weight, we have helped patients let go of many health conditions and medications as indicated.
  • Clinical Experience ~ At The Natural Path, Dr. Phillipo and Dr. Madda have spent the last decade extensively researching the HCG Diet as well as cutting, edge modern science in relation to weight loss. They have also facilitated over a thousand patients successfully through their unique hCG Diet protocol!

Making the HCG Diet the End of Dieting


At The Natural Path, we would like to see the HCG Diet become the end of your dieting days.  All it takes is an "I can" attitude and some will power to stay away from foods that are only going to harm your body on some level.  Let’s find a way to work together to make this program successful and the results long lasting!  Remember ... anything you do temporarily will leave you with temporary results.  The result of this program can be lasting weight loss and optimal wellness. YOU CAN DO IT.  WE BELIEVE IN YOU! It is our pledge to help you achieve the level of wellness and dietary control that you deserve.


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