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What Can Be Negative Side Effects of the Medical HCG Diet Protocol?

April 23, 2015
Happy, Healthy Patients is What we love at The Natural Path
Happy, Healthy Patients is What we love at The Natural Path

Concerns about the Medical Weight Loss HCG Diet Program


This is a question that our patients deliver to us from time to time and we always like to be fully transparent  with what we know and what we have seen with this HCG Diet Program.  We have facilitated  this program with well over 1000 patients.  Most of them have had incredible success with maintaining weight loss and more importantly, changing their dietary habits.  We like to be sure our patients have good kidney and liver function before starting the program.  Sometimes, we might recommend a bit of detoxification before starting the program.  However, most patients do really well just jumping right in.  Of course, we do a full patient health history, necessary physical exams, body composition analysis and a lot of chatting before we get started with anyone. There are a few conditions that we do not recommend the HCG Diet for weight loss.



What "Negative" Side Effects have We Seen with the HCG Diet


We have really only had 5 medical issues happen with our patients on the HCG Diet Program (in more than 1000 patient sample).  Three of these patients who had a history of gall stone formation and ened up with gall stones on the program. Gall stones are not a result of the HCG in the body.  Gall stones form when the diet is low in fat.  This can happen with any low fat diet.  Phase II of the HCG Diet is a low fat plan.  When a patient has a history of gallstone formation, we warn them of the chance that these may form again. We also recommend that these patients use 1-2 tbsp per day of MCT oil to help prevent gall stone formation by keeping the gall bladder moving.  Even though this is a rare occurance, we describe the sensation of a gall bladder "attack" to our patients and advise  them to visit the nearest ER or urgent care if they feel these sensations. We also make our selves available to our patients via cell phone and email while they are under our medical supervision on the program.


Ovarian cycts can grow in response to HCG on the HCG Diet.  I have had many patients with ovarian cysts in their history and only 2 have ever had them grow to a point where it was painful.  Again, we are clear with all of our patients that HCG has been known to stimulate ovarian cyst growth and if lower abdominal pain occurs to visit the local emergency room or urgent care.  We have only had this happen in 2 patients out of 1000 plus.


Gout is another condition know to worsen with HCG and the HCG Diet. I have read about this but have never seen this in my own practice.


We have our patients sign a consent that discloses any prior history of gout, gall bladder issues, liver problems, kidney problems, ovarian cysts, etc.


High Blood Pressure and High Blood Sugar with the HCG Diet


Patients on blood pressure lowering medications and blood sugar lowering medications are watched closely throughout the protocol.  In most cases, these patients leave the HCG Diet program off of their medications.  Losing weight is a wonderful remedy for many cases of high blood sugar and high blood pressure.  With that being said, it is important that these patients monitor their blood pressure and blood sugars twice per day and report back to me.  If the measurements begin to lower under a normal range we begin to lower medication dosage. This is a normal response as the body loses weight.   In these cases, I also like to be in correspondance with the prescribing doctor of the medications so that we are all on the same page.


At the Natural Path, we medically supervise the program and all of our patients have access to our cell phones and personal email so that we may be there for them if anything should come up at all through out the process. It  has been a choice we have made to fully be there for our patients.  If they call at 11 pm or early on a Sunday morning we are there to help them trouble shoot a problem or give advice.


The HCG Diet has an incredible number of positive side effects.  I am amazed wach day that I work with my patients at the success that comes from positive life style changes.


*disclaimer: HCG and the HCG Diet is not approved for weight loss by the FDA


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