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The Undervalued Benefits of Sleep

September 17, 2014
Sleep & Relax -- it is good for your body
Sleep & Relax -- it is good for your body

Get your Sleep On


As part of our HCG Diet Lifestyle & Welless program at The Natural Path, we emphasize the importance of sleep. We ask our patients to committ to 6 weeks of going to bed between 8:30 and 10:30 pm.  Sleep is so beneficial to the body in more ways than I could ever list in this blog entry. Studies show that every system of the body is affected by the amount of sleep that we get each night. Adequate sleep is commonly defined as 7 restful hours per night.


The Role that Adequate Sleep Plays in our Life


Sleep plays a role in how much sugar we crave, how we maintain our weight loss, how we can deal with stressful situations, how primed our immune system functions, how our brain processes information and remembers things and so much more.  We have also found that sleep has an impact on genes. It was found that one week of deprived sleep altered close to 1000 different genes. Sleep is powerful stuff!


What can get Better with Sleep


When working on weight loss through the HCG Diet, we find that getting enough sleep is really important in helping our patients to keep the weight off. We have conducted clinical studies with our data to show that those who got atleast 7 hours or more of sleep each night maintained their weight loss more than those who slept less. Sleep can help with obesity, depression, low immunity, brain fog, mental clarity, heart disease and diabetes.  Sleep does not cost a penny and does not require much energy expenditure.  Our busy lives keep us up late and this gets in the way of our health.


Let's put our health first and say goodnight before the clock strikes 11!  I challenge you:)



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