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June 16, 2015
Getting the Guidelines for Phase III of the HCG Diet
Getting the Guidelines for Phase III of the HCG Diet

The Importance of Phase III of the HCG Diet Protocol


Dr. SImeons created the HCG Diet in the 1950's and when it came to the 21 days of the "stabilization" phase or phase III he had but two rules.


I have found that my patients needed strict guidelines in phase III in order to stay on program and to reap the benefits of stabilizing their weight to the new "set point."  I will say that I have cliniclaly seen the patients who follow phase III correctly maintain their weight loss much easier than those who fail to follow the guidelines of phase III of the HCG Diet.


Eating with your Internal Hunger Scale on Phase III of the HCG Diet


Over the years, I have created structure around phase III of the HCG Diet.  I ask my patients to follow their internal hunger scale.  It is actually best to eat food when our bodies get that little twinge of hunger.  This signals that the body is ready for fuel.  Once the body is hungry, have some healthy food options available and eat them only until the body feels satisfied.  One of the hardest things to teach patients --  is to be able to let food go.  If you are feeling satisfied and you have half of the food you were going to eat left on your plate --  it is okay to save the rest for later, give it away or let it go.  If you put it in your body as an alternative to "wasting it" you have most likely consumed more than your body needed and it will only contribute to the life long struggle you are having with your weight.  I ask patients to spend the 21 days of phase III cultivating mindfulness around this sensation of feeling hungry and then eating until you feel comfortable. It is such a simple premise and probably one of the most difficult things to truly listen to in our society where food is so over abundant.



The Dietary Guidelines on Phase III of the HCG Diet


On Phase III of the HCG Diet, we recommend that our patients follow the hunger scale as outlined above.  With that being your guide, it is best to have protein with every meal.  On phase III, protein options expand to include anything that is clean, free of GMO's and organic.  You can begin to add in pork, salmon, turkey, etc.  You can also have eggs, low fat cottage cheese and low fat Greek yogurt as long as they are organic.  For vegetables, you can add in any veggies that are not starchy. This would mean avoiding potatoes, starchy squashes, corn, peas, etc.  Fruits we would recommend sticking to only 2 servings per day and going with melon, berries, apples or citrus fruits.  Lots of water and herbal teas are recommended.


In phase III, you can begin to add fats into your diet. I would recommend cooking with oils (coconut oil is my fave) and using a clean, oil based salald dressing on veggies, salad and even some meat dishes.  On top of the oils you are using for cooking, salad dressing and what naturally occurs in your meats -- we recommend adding in only one additional fat source per day. Maybe one day a serving of cheese, the next day a handful of almonds, the next day 1/4 of an avocado, the next day some nut butter, etc.


We also recommend journaling with a food diary on phase III. It is a great way to learn which foods you may be having a food sensitivity reaction to.


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