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The Natural Path HCG Diet Review and Testimony from a Patient with Thyroid Issues

April 18, 2014
I did the HCG Diet and it really changed my life and how I feel in my body
I did the HCG Diet and it really changed my life and how I feel in my body

Success on the Portland HCG Diet from a Thyroid Patient


We often have prospective patients call to ask if the HCG Diet is okay for those with thyroid conditions.  At the Natural Path, we focus on the whole person and endocrine imbalances are a strong area of focus in our Naturopathic medical practice. The medically supervised HCG Diet has been a wonderful way to lose weight for our patients with thyroid issues.  We have never seen any interaction between HCG used with the HCG Diet and thyroid meds.

A Little History about Me before I Began the HCG Diet

I am 56 year old woman and I have had problems with hormones for my entire life. According to the many medical experts I have seen over the years, the hormones are a "trigger" for a lot of neurological symptoms.   Tied in with my hormone imbalances are neurological issues.  My primary care doctor has told me that this could be partially due to  so many chemicals & environmental toxins in our food, water, air, etc. Unfortunately, our brains and autoimmune systems are recognizing these chemicals as hormones. He was talking most specifically about pesticides, growth hormones, fertilizers, fluoride, artificial sweeteners & GMO foods.  I firmly began to believe that these toxins were harming me and also causing me to gain weight!
I learned of the HCG Diet two years ago after seeing a close friend lose 60 lbs and keep it off.   I began doing diligent research on the HCG Diet protocol and finally after gaiing 50 lbs. I was ready to take this on myself.  My research had me believing that theHCG Diet protocol, as developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s, might be able to correct my hormonal imbalances while helping me to lose some weight. 
Dr. Robert Madda is a Naturopathic Physician there and he is an amazing doctor.  He was just the person I needed to work with to be successful with this weight loss process.  I ended up losing 46 lbs. on the program in 2 rounds between December 2011 and June 2012.  I have since lost another 5 lbs. with my new diet and lifestyle  that I learned from Dr. Madda.
The HCG diet was an incredible, life changing experience for me.†I lost weight, I feel great and I feel in control of my health!
Take it from someone who's tried EVERY diet out there. If followed to the letter, this HCG DIET will work!! You will not just lose weight (1lb/day), but the weight you lose will be fat not muscle, and it will be from those areas where you never seemed to be able to lose before. The maintenance program then allows you to reset your weight set-point to your new weight. Take it from someone who suffered through 2 bouts of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, this diet is for the "hormone compromised"...which these days means MOST all of us.


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