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The Joy and Fears that come with Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

March 8, 2017

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet can be Both Exciting and Scary!

You have just completed phase 2 of the HCG Diet and you have most likely lost 20 + lbs!  Great job!  Now, comes the fun part!  If you can keep up the guard rails and eat within the realms of clean, nutrient dense food you will most likely be able to stabilize and maintain your weight with some ease. 
Phase 3 of the HCG Diet opens the doors to a greater variety of food options. It is actually just a modified form of the "paleo" diet.  For me, it is a diet that I have adopted I my own life for every day and I love it. 
Phase 3 can seem scary to many people?  I often hear patients tell me they are scared of gaining their weight back.  Clinically, I have seen that patients who do phase 3 well do not gain their weight back and patients who choose not to follow the phase 3 guidelines will gain their weight back much easier!  This is a very important part of the program.
Phase 3 can also be exciting!  You can have MORE FOOD and you can begin adding in delicious, healthy fats. All of this happens while keeping carbs and sugars to a minimum.  Enjoy phase 3 and stay positive.  Look at all the amazing things you can begin adding in to your diet and enjoy the journey!

Phase 3 of the HCG Diet has Rules and YES they must be Followed if you want to Maintain your Weight Loss


Once again, if you follow phase 3 as outlined, you will keep your weight off much easier than if you decide to "cheat" here and there on phase 3. It is called "stabilization" for a reason as this truly is a place where we can stabilize the weight that we just took off in phase 2!

We need to give your body time to get comfortable at your new weight. You just lost weight rather quickly and your body was getting most of its energy in phase 2 from the burning of your fat stores.  Now, your body will rely on food again for fuel and we want to be careful about how we add it back in. 

Seven Tips for a Successful Phase 3 of the HCG Diet

  1. Keep sugars and starches very low on phase 3 of the HCG Diet.
  2. Eat when you are hungry; eat slowly and STOP eating when you feel satiated
  3. Increase your caloric intake gradually while listening to hunger cues.
  4. Increase your fat intake slowly and mindfully
  5. Keep your weight within 2 pounds of your last injection day weight. 
  6. If you go over your last injection day weight by 2 lbs do a correction day that very day! 
  7. You can do phase 3 for 21 days or indefinitely

Phase 3 is essentially a low carb diet.  Be cautious about your carb intake on phase 3. Low carb is needed for stabilization of the weight that you have lost.  If in doubt, leave it out. You will be so glad you did this later.

The absolute phase 3 NO NO's:


STARCHY VEGGIES - carrots, beets, yams, sweet potato, potato, peas and most root vegetables.

FRUITS - most fruits are high in carb. A serving of berries here and there can work.  I like to recommend keeping fruit out or to 1 serving daily of berries, apple or citrus. Do not let fruit become your replacement for sugar. It will get you into trouble with weight maintenance later.



Phase 3 can be fun!  Eat mindfully!  Enjoy it!

Careful of Hidden Carbs such as that in milk, fat free yogurts, nuts, etc.



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