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The Important Role of Vitamin D in our Bodies

August 13, 2014

Vitamin D -- an Important Vitamin


After, helping our HCG Diet patients lose weight and feel great they often ask us what else they can be doing to promote optimal wellness in their lives. Often times, I recommend blood work to include a lipid panel to be sure cholesterol and lipids are within a normal range; an in depth thyroid panel; a hormoe profile; comp. metabolic panel,  as well as a CBC and Vitamin D.  We can learn a lot from preliminary lab work and it is great to get a baseline.


The Link between Vitamin D and Disease


Over the last 10 years, we have heard a lot about Vitamin D.  It seems almost everyone I see is supplementing with it in some way.  I always feel it is best to have labs done to tell us what the right dose is for you and if you really need it at all.  Studies have shown a strong link between Vitamin D levels and heat disease, pulmonary or lung ailments, diabetes and cancer.  We need the sun to help us convert Vitamin D to its active form but this day in age most people wear sunscreen and cover up with clothing which prevents this important conversion step to make Vitamin D active in our bodies.

Supplementing with Vitamin D

First and foremost, I always recommend getting Vitamin D (or any Vitamin for that matter from a reputable source).  Occasioally, our patients levels of Vitamin D are so low that we prescribe doses of up to 50,000 IU weekly and retest n a couple of months.  Most often, we prescribe a 5000 IU capsule of Vitamin D daily for those with moderate deficiency.




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