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The Importance of Water on the HCG Diet Program

February 6, 2017
Lemon/Ginger in tea or cool water is a great way to add flavor to your water on the HCG Diet
Lemon/Ginger in tea or cool water is a great way to add flavor to your water on the HCG Diet

Water and the HCG Diet


Water is what I encourage my patients to drink on the HCG Diet program.  I ask them to drink 2-3 liters each and every day of pure water and herbal tea. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world and when we breathe in these odorless and colorless toxins they get perfused from our lung tissue into our bloodstream and our liver is left to filter out the toxins.  If the toxic substances are not excreted, many of them get stored into our fat tissue. On the HCG Diet Program, fat stores are being turned over at a rapid rate and although there is a lot of great stuff in our fat tissue (vitamins, minerals, caloric energy, etc) there is also a toxic load. On the HCG Diet program, I like to make sure that my patients have all of their routes of elimination working well so that the body can eliminate as many toxins as possible through the process.


Hunger may be a Signal for Thirst on the HCG Diet


One thing that I have learned in facilitating this program through the years is that the sensation of hunger can sometimes be a cry for hydration.  When you feel hungry on the HCG Diet protocol, the first thing I ask my patients to do is to drink a big glass of water and then reassess their hunger level.  This is a great first line of defense before eating too many calories on the program.  In the evening, if you are having a sweet craving, go for a nice cup of tea with stevia.



Spread your Hydration out Through the Day on the HCG Diet



Our kidneys are only able to process one to two quarts of water per hour.  Therefore, it is best to spread our water intake out throughout the day.  I recommend 2-3 liters of water each day. We want to strive for pale urine!  When the body is dehydrated, you will have more of a tendency to hold onto water. A hydrated body is a happy body!




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