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The Importance of Hydration on the HCG Diet Protocol

April 14, 2015

One of the Key Elements of the HCG Diet -- Drink more WATER


Staying well hydrated is very important, especially on phase II of the HCG Diet protocol.  At this time, your body is undergoing fat metabolism and water is a key to keeping the body flushed and clean.  Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world and when the body does not know what to do with a toxin it gets stored in our fat or adipose tissue.  As these stores get turned over at a "rapid" rate on the HCG Diet Program some of this toxic load is released.  A well hydrated body will flush the waste products from fat burning and also keep the cells nice and hydrated.  In general, the whole body will respond to being hydrated.  I have seen before and after photos of people who drank 2 liters of water for 3 months  and the results were quite astonishing to me on as far as skin rejeuvenation.


Ways to Make Water Delightful on the HCG Diet


For some patients, drinking 2-4 liters of water per day is not an easy task.  We have a few tips to help with making water more exciting.  They are very simple techniques.  First of all, I do recommend filling 3  one liter bottles with water and striving to get all three into your body throughout the day.  If you do not enjoy plain water, you can add a fresh squeezed lemon to a liter bottle and 10-20 stevia drops (to desired sweetness).  You can also add some strawberry slices and a few stevia drops.  I also recommend adding cucumber slices and mint leaves for a refreshing flavor.  You can also find ionic trace minerals at the store and this is a great way to get some mineral replenishment into your diet.  Personally, I enjoy all of these suggestions to help keep my own body hydrated.


The Benefits of Water on the HCG Diet and In Every Day Life


Water is essential to human health!  The body is made of over 60% water and we are losing it all day through saliva, cellular reactions, sweating,  evaporation, urine and stools.  Water energizes muscles. Water makes the skin look youthful.  Water also helps to control calories by making the body feel satiated.  I have read many articles in the past year that describe the signal for hunger and thirst as being one in the same. This means that when the body sends a signal that you interpret as hunger it could really be that you are thirtsy.  Try taking a glass of water when you are hungry and see if you feel better within 5 minutes. Water is also essential for fluid metabolism in the body, kidney function, brain function and optimal digestive health.


Tip of the Day -- Drink more water!


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