We have a lot of patients in our office who travel for business each week.  This can present some challenges for the HCG Diet Protocol but, with some proper, prior planning it can be done fairly easily.  Of course, there might be some instances where the occasional "cheat" is unavoidable. After all, you cannot bring ALL of your food with you on some of these longer trips.  Most of our patients do great while travelling on the HCG Diet program!


Planning, Planning, Planning for Travel on the HCG Diet


My first bit of advice is to plan out your food and stay on track. Commit to the process each and every day.  Be sure your hotel room has a refrigerator. You can bring lots of chicken breast and chopped veggies in a cooler in a checked bag or carry on.  I recommend chopping up lots of celery, sliced apples, raw broccoli, bell pepper and cherry tomatoes.  The HCG injections can also be carried on or checked with no problem at all ... just keep them on ice! 


Once you get to your Travel Destination on the HCG Diet


Once you get to where you are going, jump in a cab or an uber and find the nearest health food store. In most places, this is an option.  I would pick up some hard boiled eggs, 0% fat Greek yogurt. low fat cottage cheese, lettuce, water, cooked chicken breast, oranges, apples,  salad bar veggies on P2 food list and a little cider vinegar.  You can actually do quite a bit with this list of food.  Keep food with you at all times. If you are at a restaurant, order a plain grilled chicken breast or white fish and you can "eye ball" 3.5 ounces.  You can get your protein on a bed of greens and use some vinegar as dressing. You might not be able to indulge in being wined and dined but a little will power is all you need to stay strong!  The benefits are so worth it!


It is a limited plan, but, totally manageable with most travel!