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The HCG Diet Prior to Knee ReplacementThe HCG Diet as a means of Quick Weight Loss that can Last!

June 12, 2017
It's just plain truth. The HCG Diet can help you get weight off and we can help educate you on how to eat to keep it off!
It's just plain truth. The HCG Diet can help you get weight off and we can help educate you on how to eat to keep it off!

The HCG Diet Prior to Knee Replacement


My name is Kevin and like many people, the aging process has left my knees in need of replacement. When I went to my orthopedic doctor, he told me that I needed to have both knees replaced. However, he also told me that before I could have the surgery, I would need to lose 40 lbs.  I desperately wanted to get my knees replaced so that I could do so many of the activities that I was missing such as tennis and hiking.  I spent six months trying to increase my activity level and change my eating habits but it seemed I could not lose more than 10 lbs.  It was beyond frustrating.  Then I heard about the HCG Diet Program


Learning about the HCG Diet


I had a fishing buddy who had lost about 50 lbs and actually kept it off over the past two years. I contacted him to inquire about how he had lost the weight.  He told me about the HCG Diet program and I began doing my research.  It seemed a little "out of my league" but, at this point I was ready to take some drastic measures to lose this weight.  The more I learned about it, the more I felt comfortable with the protocol and it actually sounded quite safe and effective.  I chose The Natural Path as the staff was so friendly and informative and they had such positive reviews on Google.  


My Progress with the HCG Diet


I began the HCG Diet in January of 2017.  I followed the program exactly as Dr. Cara recommended and met with her weekly to fine tune my program. Her support and guidance was top notch. She was even available to me if I had questions or concerns between our office visits.  I actually have never had any practitioner or doctor show up in the way that she did.  I had 30 lbs left to lose and in 6 weeks of the HCG Diet phase 2, I took off 34 lbs.  Through phase 3, I lost another 2 lbs.  This made a total of 46 lbs lost since I had started losing weight on my own 6 months prior to beginning the HCG Diet.  I made an appointment to visit my doctor and he was incredibly pleased.  I am now recovering from my first knee replacement surgery with the second one scheduled for November.  I could not be more pleased with the progress I made using the HCG Diet for weight loss and all of the knowledge that I gathered on how to keep the weight off!


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