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The HCG Diet Portland is more than a Diet ... It is a Lifestyle!

April 6, 2014
Ready to Change your Life with the HCG Diet?
Ready to Change your Life with the HCG Diet?

A Few Simple Lifestyle Changes is what it takes to Maintain Weight Loss through the HCG Diet and Beyond


The HCG Diet & Weight Loss protocol at The Natural Path is a more than just a trend or a fad in the weight loss world... it is a true lfestyle! In the end, that is the real GOLD of this program.  Changing your lifestyle by sticking with clean eating that feels non-deprivational and incorporating exercise into your daily life is essential. 


Are you ready to lose weight, feel great and adopt new patterns of living and eating with the HCG Diet Portland

The HCG Diet has been precribed by physicians in the US since the 1960's. Most of our patients who have gone through the HCG Diet & weight loss program have lost anywhere from 10-40 lbs.  With some good education and follow up care, most of our patients have success with keeping the weight off.  As a physician, I am amazed by the results that come from this program each day that I practice. 


We monitor the progress of our patients every step of the way while they are under our care. At the Natural Path, we see our patients each week and during the entire program.  Dr. Robert Madda and Dr. Cara Phillipo are both Naturopathic physicians with a strong education and passion for HCG weight loss. They guide their patients every step of the way and your well being and success mean the world to them.  They have led nearly a thousand patients through this program and the safety and efficacy has really been amazing.


Great results and positive side effects come from the HCG Diet Portland

improved sleep

an overall sense of well-being

weight loss

no hunger (most of the time)

body cleansing & detoxification

Reshape and sculpt your body

Adopt healthier eating patterns


Learn more ...www.naturalpathmed.com or call 503-347-4625

*** Disclaimer HCG is a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control


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