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July 15, 2015
Transformation with the HCG Diet
Transformation with the HCG Diet

Bodies and Lives can Transform with the HCG Weight Loss Protocol


Today was a wonderul day in my office. I find myself smiling with an over all sense of joy as I finish up my day.  I saw 12 patients all on the HCG Diet Program and all of them were doing really well. Two of my patients were nearing the end of a 5-6 week cycle on phase II of the HCG Diet.  When they walked in the office, I was amazed at what I saw.  It was TRANSFORMATION.  They looked different.  Not only were their bodies 30 lbs lighter -- there was a glow, a twinkle in their eye and a new sense of pride and happiness overall.  Both of these women were ecstatic with the results that came from the program.  Both were amazed at all they had learned about their bodies in the process.  This is what makes my job such a pleasure!


Lessons Learned with the HCG Diet


It is wonderful to watch patients remove any processed food out of their lives for th 3-7 weeks that they are on phase II of the HCG Diet.  It is actually very liberating to eat from a limited list of food and realize how delicious food can taste and how easy it is to buy and prepare food that is grown on the planet with minimal to no processing needed.  Patients can feel the increased nutrient density in non-processed, organic food and they begin to crave it.  The time that pateints spend following this part of the diet is really the amount of time it takes to make new habits in our bodies on both a conscious and an unconscious level.  On a personal note -- I choose to eat a diet of clean, lean proteins with organic vegetables and organic fruits and I feel great when I eat this way.  On occasion, I will have nuts, seeds and gluten free grains.  I think back to our caveman ancestors who share a similar genetic profile and they did not over eat.  I find that most of my patients LEARN what foods and what amount of food works for them.  In a world where food is in an incredible over abundance I think this is really amazing information to learn about your body!


Losing Weight and Feeling Great with the HCG Diet


Weight loss is one of the beneficial side effects of the HCG Diet.  Others are cleansing, detoxification and learning about what foods feel good in your body and learning to eat to be a healthier YOU.  It is amazing when patients leave the program with 30 + less lbs on their body after just 6 weeks!  They feel great, body aches and pains tend to disappear; medications often fall to the wayside as lab values normalize.  It is truly amazing all of the physiological effects that weight loss can have on the body.  Then, comes the best part ... learning how to be mindful and eat in a healthy, non-deprivational way that supports your body and over all well-being!



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