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The HCG Diet and Learning to Eat REAL Food

February 15, 2016
REAL food is the BEST - The HCG Diet is a Great Teacher
REAL food is the BEST - The HCG Diet is a Great Teacher

THE HCG DIET and Healthy Habits Being Created


One of my favorite aspects of the HCG Diet is it's ability to teach patients how easy and fulfilling it can be to consume a diet rich in real food!  What is "real food"?

I like how renowned author and speaker Michael Pollan sums it up:


"Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.  Do not eat anything that your great grandmother would not recognize or know as food. Eat foods that will eventually rot  and choose only pasture raised/grass fed meats on occasion."


The Cleanliness of the HCG Diet and the Food Options


On the HCG Diet, the ONLY foods on the phase II food list are grown on the earth or lived in the sea. They are ALL foods that our great grandmothers would recognize as food. All of the food on the HCG Diet program will eventually rot or spoil if left out and we ask our patients to choose only organic options for fruits and vegetables and organic, pasture raised/grass fed options for protein.  I find that most of my patients love being on such a simple plan. The food list is limited but there truly are so many amazing ways to combine things to have decadent meals.  It is great to get patients to prepare their own food. For many patients, this is new and they end up loving this new skill that they will now take with them into their lives.


Learning to Eat Food Packaged by Nature from the HCG Diet Protocol


After patients complete the program, I ask them what besides the weight loss did they learn from this program.  Most people tell me they learned how amazing it feels to eat a super clean diet.  This is something they take with them into their lives. To me, this is the ultimate gift I could share with a patient.  If I can touch someone's life in a way which creates healthier living and eating habits in their lives then I feel very fulfilled by my "job."  I love what I do and I love what this HCG Diet program can bring to people's lives ... it goes far beyond weight loss!


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