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The Growing Obesity Trend in America

September 24, 2014
Losing Weight with the HCG Diet can Improve your Life
Losing Weight with the HCG Diet can Improve your Life

 American's are Growing in Size --

the obesity epidemic


Obesity is really becoming a huge, growing problem in our country and in our world.  It is predicted that by 2030, 165 million Americans will be obese. The AMA defines obesity as a BMI > 30.  This accounts for 42% of our population.  I find this statistic to be astounding.  In the 1960’s, 70’s and even into the early 80’s only 15% of our population was obese. In 2013, we are at 35% and by 2030 this will be at 42% if we continue at the rate we are going.  They say that the average American in 2013 carries an excess of 24lbs over the average American in the 1960’s.


Options for Treating Obesity 


A great deal of the “treatment” for obesity comes from simple (not always easy) lifestyle and dietary changes.  I find that when patients keep a food log they are able to learn a lot by observing what they eat.  Most of the time, people eat mindlessly and when they are really not hungry at all. There are many phone and computer applications which will keep a nice food diary for you and convert it into charts and graphs of calories as well as % protein/carb/fat in the daily diet.  This is a great tool in gaining awareness to what is consumed and to begin to learn new habits.  Education on “healthy” food choices is also critical.  We have to teach these patients to consume food that nourishes their bodies.  We have to motivate them and inspire them to make changes in their diet. 


This is another area that needs to be made non-negotiable if a patient is to lose weight and keep it off. Exercise is critical for weight management.  It does not have to be hours per day of arduous exercise. I coach my patients to get 30-60 minutes in every day!  I encourage patients to mix it up so that there is some cardio but also use of the major muscle groups as well. Muscle dictates metabolism!  Find something fun out there to help keep your body moving!


For some patients, diet and exercise alone are not enough. Food is addictive and when an addictive personality is at hand this can be a recipe for tough change.  I recommend finding a cognitive, behavioral therapist with experience in food addiction to help this issue.


Using Medical Weight Loss Programs for Weight Loss

The HCG Diet and other pharmaceutical agents

At times, medical weight loss programs are necessary to help patients lose weight.  I am a facilitator of the HCG diet for weight loss in my private practice and have used this modality with great success over the past 8 years.  I do not prescribe other weight loss drugs but I see how the drugs Orlistat, Lorcaserin and Phentermine/Topiramate may be useful.  For those patients with an extrememly high BMI bariatric surgery may be a good option.


Prevention is the Best Medicine

Obesity is very preventable most of the time if we can make wise choices with our dietary intake and make exercise a priority in our lives.  Start today.  It can add years to your life.


To learn more about the HCG Diet at The Natural Path click here. Most of our patients will lose .5 to 1 lb per day on average throughout the program.  They also learn new ways to eat and live that lead to a healthier and more vital life!


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