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The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the HCG Diet

April 30, 2018
In my clinical practice, I have seen the Emotional Freedom Technique help my patients with food addiction
In my clinical practice, I have seen the Emotional Freedom Technique help my patients with food addiction

Finding Freedom From Emotional Eating and Body Acceptance While Losing Weight on the HCG Diet


For many of our patients, excess weight and poor body image are huge ELEPHANTS standing in the way to their emotional freedom.  All too often, my HCG Diet patients confide in me that they will do this or that in their life AFTER they have shed the extra twenty or forty pounds that are holding them back and actually wreaking havoc on their confidence.  "Once I can fit into that pair of jeans and be able to run 2 miles without stopping ... then, I will be happy. " Weight loss has become a huge obsession in our culture and unfortunately, the obsession keeps people from truly being happy in life.


The Relationship Between Stress and Weight Gain

As a Naturopathic physician and weight loss facilitator using the Medically Supervised HCG Diet at The Natural Path, I strive to help men and women lose excess weight and teach them how to keep it off in a society where food is truly in an over abundance.  In the process, I also want to help empower my patients to feel elated and joyful in who they are and to let go of the stress they hold onto due to the number that shows up on the scale.  What I find is that this self love and acceptance helps to unravel the emotions that lead to binge eating and over all decreases the constant level of stress that they feel while they are beating themselves up for being overweight.  


Stress has become the norm for most of us living life these days.  Some may deal with it better than others, but ,we all have a bit of stress that we carry around during some parts of the day if not all day long.  I know for myself with having 2 young children and a busy practice I am guilty of depriving myself of sleep and relaxation.  


Stress triggers the release of Cortisol which is known as the "stress hormone."  Cortisol has been directly linked to abdominal obesity.  The research is excellent on this topic yet, most people believe that weight loss is all about food consumption and exercise.  


Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Weight Loss


Many years ago, I learned about the Emotional Freedom Technique while in medical school. I use it in my own life for various reasons and I am always amazed by the results that happen.  After 10 minutes of simple tapping, I become calm and centered.   The tapping happens in a specific sequence over acupressure points and it has been shown to lower cortisol levels.  


Recently, I discovered the book "The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence," by Jessica Ortner and I share it with ALL of my HCG DIet and Weight Loss patients.  I encourage my patients through the process of losing weight to also learn how to LOVE and ACCEPT who they are.  I have seen the most incredible and uplifting results in my patients who read the book and take the exercises to heart.


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