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The Do's and Don'ts of the HCG Diet

September 3, 2017
You got this. Here are some Do's and Don'ts on the HCG Diet Plan!
You got this. Here are some Do's and Don'ts on the HCG Diet Plan!



Let's talk about the DO'S and DONT'S on the HCG Diet Program


The HCG Diet protocol really does work. If you can follow the guidelines of your doctor and keep up with the plan you will lose weight.  WIth a therapeutic dose of pharmaceutical grade HCG hunger levels are kept at bay.  In my clinical experience of leading patients through this program over the past 10 years, I find the hunger level of most all of my patients to be none to manageable.  Although sugar/carb cravings may take 3-7 days to leave you alone ... without entertainment these cravings usually end up going away.  



Here are some Do’s on the HCG Diet


I would recommend taking a good multi-vitamin/mineral while on phase 2 of the protocol. Of course, you will want to be sure all of the supplements you are taking are NOT fat soluble. This would mean avoiding fish oil, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin A as well as other oil based supplements.  I prefer to use PureLean by pure encapsulations as it is designed for programs like the HCG Diet.


Stay hydrated and be sure to drink 2-4 liters of water and herbal tea daily.


Exercise gently on phase 2 of the HCG Diet. It is important to keep the rhythm of exercise in our lives but necessary to tone down the intensity on phase 2. When phase 3 rolls around, you are welcome to bring the intensity back up again!


Here are a few Don’ts on the HCG Diet


It is important to keep all fats out of your diet on the HCG Diet plan. Although fats are a wonderful food group ... on phase 2 of the HCG Diet, you have a unique opportunity to use your own fat stores for fuel. This will not happen when fats come into our digestive system.  As far as body lotions go ... I recommend being cautious with what you put all over your body on a daily basis.  There is a chance that the skin can absorb food grade oils and interfere with weight loss on the program. I recommend using oil free lotions or mineral oil based lotions as mineral oil particles are too big to be absorbed by the skin!  


Do not stray from the HCG Diet phase 2 food list. There is a synergy to the foods on this program that lead to the amazing results.


Read all labels and do not intake any sugar other than that in the allowed fruit options.  Avoid all sugar substitutes other than stevia.  

No added fats such as  butter, oil or dressing.  


Lastly, do not cheat. It is not worth it.  There are so many options that you can have ... free vegetables, egg whites, etc. If you are hungry, work with your doctor to modify the program.  You can do this!


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