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Sugar and Metabolism 101

November 12, 2014
Sugar - healthy and unhealthy is not great if over consumed
Sugar - healthy and unhealthy is not great if over consumed

Post HCG Diet we Invite you to Learn About Sugar


If you choose a breakfast cereal, a hard candy or a slice of bread the carbohydrate called sugar lives within. We all know that an overconsumption of sugar is not healthy for our bodies, the waist line, our brain,  the aging process, etc.  We also know that an overconsumtion of sugar is most likely responsible for many cases of type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cardiovascular diseases.  We like to provide our HCG Diet patients with a strong education on sugar and what it does to the body.


Many moons ago, sugar was only available if the form of fruit for only a few months out of the year and within a bee hive that was guarded by bees. Sugar was not consumed in very large amounts at all.  Functionally, our bodies do better with limited sugar intake.


The Different Types of Sugar


Fructose - is a naturally occuring sugar when found in fruit and honey. Fructose has the lowest glycemic index.  It is metabolized by the liver.


Sucrose - "table sugar" is a combo of glucose and fructose.


High Fructse Corn Syrup - this is the type of sugar found in most processes foods and drinks. It is also a combination of fructose, glucose and other carbohydrate sources.  This stuff was introduced in the late 70's as a cheap sugar substitute and truly wreaks havok on the body.


All Carbohydrates are Not Created Equal


Carbohydrates are really just a long chain of sugar molecules.  Carbohydrates of different varieties are treated very differently in the body. They can all raise blood sugar and thereby insulin in different degrees. As carbs are broken down, they become sugar molecules which get released into the blood stream and cause the pancreas to secrete insulin so that the glucose can find its way into our cells. 


The carbs that cause the greates surge in blood sugar are those made of refined flour as in breads, cereals & pasta; rice, potatoes and corn; as well as things like soda, beer and fruit juice.  These sugars quickly get into the blood stream and spike up insulin which wil store the extra caloried as fat.  


Carbohydrates that live in vegetables such as broccoli, kale, caulifower, etc are incorporated with fiber which does not allow the blood sugar to spike as quickly.  Vegetables are also filled with water.  


Fruits do have significant amounts of sugar which is also slowed down due to the fiber and water content.


If you took a potato and an apple of equal weight the potato would certainly spike blood sugar much faster than the apple.  It  is still important to remember that genetically it is not best for us to eat fruit every day of the year but a few times a week a piece of fruit a day works for those who have a healthy body.





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