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Stocking the Paleo Kitchen

May 7, 2015
The Paleo Diet is Packed with Clean, Variety
The Paleo Diet is Packed with Clean, Variety

The Paleo Diet for Today


My patients often ask me for a list of foods to have in their kitchen after they have finished the HCG Diet Protocol. I usually spend an entire visit introducing the paleo diet and all of the ways it can be modified to meet the needs of individuals and families.  Again, we can simply ask the question "Did my caveman ancestors eat this in their time?"  If so, it is most likely a food that is better suited for our genetics than anything that is processed.  So, let go of anything processed and go for the clean, lean proteins; organic veggies; organic fruits; nuts, seeds and the occasional bit of honey.


The Best Things to Have on Hand in the Paleo Kitchen are:

*remember to avoid any ingredients that you may have a food sensitivity or allergy to

Coconut and almond flour for baking


Raw Nuts and Seeds - eat in small quantities

Local Honey - eat on rare occasion

Clean Meats, Poultry and Fish

Vegetables - especially leafy greens and veggies low in carbs

Fruits - eat moderately


With this list, you can see this protocol is really simple to follow. 


Other Offerings for the Paleo Diet

You can also feel free to use any spices that you want that are made of dried herbs.  You can get creative with blenders, food dehydrators, spiralizers, food processors, popsicle makers and frozen yogurt machines etc.  There are many little kitchen gadgets and appliances that can make the Paleo Diet more fun and create variety in your cooking. 


Of course, a favorite Paleo Diet cookbook or blog site is  a must for inspiration!



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