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Staying Healthy Through the Holidays and Winter Season

November 6, 2017
Staying Healthy this Holiday Season
Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

The Holidays come with Cold and Flu Season

The holidays are here.  They are such a fun, nostalgic time of year.  We love all the cozy fires, seasonal decor and the general holiday cheer.  However, with the season, also comes copious amounts of sugary food, alcoholic beverages and of course lots of virus' going around.  One way we can all keep ourselves healthy this holiday season is by being mindful of what we eat! Did you know that sugar can weaken the immune system significantly.  This means that if you come into contact with a seasonal virus and then eat some sugar, you will not have the same immune defenses to fight the virus and may end up in bed for a few days.  Food for thought. We ask all of our HCG Diet patients to take this into consideration!  Also, the holidays are notorious for some weight gain from empty calories.  




Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season


The seasons of Autumn and Winter are wonderful and it also a time to keep our immunity strong.  Keep your diet healthy, your body warm, stay hydrated, keep your daily exercise regimen, nourish yourself with good sleep and keep the stress down!  Overdoing food and having a lot of stress can leave you with congestion and constipation.  I also recommend having somethings on hand in case the sniffles present themselves.  There is a Chinese medicine formula called Yin Qiao that is works wonders at the very fist sign of a cold or sore throat.  We also love Bi Yan Pian if sinus issues arise.  3-5 grams of Vitamin C is nice to keep the white blood cell count high!


A Few Tips to Stay Healthy this Season


EAT WELL - be mindful of your food intake and enjoy the 1-2 bite rule for indulgences. 


REST - when you feel tired take some downtime! Do not burn your batteries out!  It is important to nourish your inner fire that keeps you going and protects you from viral/bacterial invaders.


GETTING SICK - if you happen to come down with something.  Get on top of it as soon as you can.  We recommend


  • Vitamin C – Take an hourly dose of Vitamin C of 500-1000 mg,
  • Vitamin A – Take some Vitamin A in the dose of – 25,000 IUs 3x/day for 3 days and then lower the dose to 10,000 IU 2x/day for a week.  Then, take a Vitamin A break.  Do not do this if you are pregnant!
  • Olive leaf extract – we love this anti-viral herb for daily use over the holiday season. This is a nice preventative!
  • Hydration – Please drink lots of water and herbal teas.
  • Rest - this good ole fashion 4 -letter word is one of the best things we can do for ourselves when we are not feeling well.



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