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Some Creative Food Ideas for the HCG Diet

February 28, 2017
Healthy Meals on the HCG Diet can be colorful, beautiful and tasty!
Healthy Meals on the HCG Diet can be colorful, beautiful and tasty!

The HCG Diet does not have to be BORING


Through the years, I have learned by experimenting with the foods on phase 2 of the HCG Diet that it can be truly delicious. The truth is that the list of phase 2 HCG Diet approved foods is actually fairly extensive when it comes to options.  Think back a couple hundred years ago when all we had was what we could hunt, fish or gather from the natural world around us including our gardens and maybe even livestock.  I bet our ancestors would think the phase 2 food list was delightful. In todays modern world, there is simply too much food available and this is at the foundation of our health and weight issues as a nation.  We need to gain control of our eating habits and eat to be nourished with the occasional celebratory indulgence!


It really is quite amazing all of the things you can do with the HCG Diet phase 2 food list!


Fun Ideas with Phase 2 HCG Diet Food


Variety is the spice of life!  SO, think of a few good meals you enjoy and rotate them!  Here are a few ideas for meals:

  • Stuffed peppers - you can fill them with 3.5 ounces of lean ground chicken, beef, turkey or buffalo.  Season the meat with some onion, garlic, parsley and spices.
  • Tuna Rolls - water packed tuna with celery, stone ground mustard and spices ... placed in romaine lettuce leaves
  • Lobster tails with mashed cauliflower - broil a lobster tail and mash some steamed cauliflower
  • Chicken breast with asparagus soup - bake a chicken breast and steam some asparagus; blend half of the asparagus and mix it with chopped steamed asparagus for a delicious soup.
  • Tomato soup using a 1 cup of a clean tomato sauce such as Cucina Antica Marinara with 1/2 cup of organic, low fat cottage cheese. Blend, heat up and enjoy (counts as a veggie and a protein)
  • Slushy drinks - blend 1 cup of ice, 1 cup of water and an HCG Diet fruit serving. Enjoy!!
  • Lemonade - squeeze a meyer lemon (1/2) into a glass of water and add stevia drops to taste
  • Lettuce Taco's - sautee lean ground turkey, chicken, beef or buffalo with garlic, onion or spices of your choice. Place in a romaine lettuce leaf and top with a clean salsa.
  • Baked apple - bake an apple in the oven on 350 degrees for 45 minutes. You can also top with cinnamon and stevia and a splash of lemon

Inspiration and Motivation on the HCG Diet is Key


Creativity is part of an inspired life!  I love getting creative and designing meals for the HCG Diet. Check out pinterest or gather ideas from HCG Diet bloggers online.  If you are uncertain if a certain recipe is HCG Diet approved you can always reach out and ask me my opinion. I have lots of clinical experience in facilitating this program under my belt!!  See what kind of meals you can design and send me a picture if you like!  Have fun!  The more fun you have the better the program will be.  Healthy food does not have to be boring! Celebrate the nutrients! Enjoy!


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