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Skeptical about the HCG Diet Portland

March 14, 2014
I was too ...

I had patients ask me help them through the HCG Diet back in 2005 and I just was not open to the process at all. I heard "HCG injections" and "500 calories" and that just shut me down right there. My narrow minded belief was that the HCG Diet program for weight loss could not be good. Also, it sounded very "un-naturopathic" to me as well.


After a diabetic patient that I had been working with on blood sugar issues and high blood pressure went through the program not only lost 87 lbs. in 2 rounds AND got off of his rather intense protocol of blood sugar lowering meds and blood pressure meds AND kept the weight off AND changes his lifestyle and diet ... I was sold.

I began researching the program extensivly and spoke with other doctors all over the nation who were having success with the HCG Diet. After a year of learning, I wrote our HCG Diet Manual which is constantly being updated as I learn more through my own clinical research about the diet program.


I love this program! I remain super passionate about what I do after all of these years. In fact, I feel more super charged about what I do as a physician than ever before. I have the honor of changing peoples lives by teaching them the way that food truly affects weight, energy and general well-being.


I have seen with the examples of over 1000 patients that this diet is safe, effective and the weight loss is maintainable with some learning and non-deprivational lifestyle modifications. The results that come from this program change the way my patients age and change the quality of many of their lives in general.


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