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Simple Cooking Tips for the HCG Diet

November 5, 2014
HCG Diet Meals can be Super Delicious
HCG Diet Meals can be Super Delicious

The Art of Cooking on the HCG Diet


It truly is amazing all of the wonderful dishes you can create with the limited food list on phase II of the HCG Diet. This week, I made stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls, halibut, cauliflower soup and beautiful salads all of which could be eaten on phase II of the HCG Diet.  I really do not find this diet to be short in variety or flavor. It just takes a little creativity and voila ... you can have a delicious meal over and over again.


Sometimes, patients wonder how they can go about cooking without the addition of fat.  Truth is that it is much simpler than it seems.  If you have one of those fancy pans that does not require any oil that is fabulous.  If not, go for a little base of lemon juice and water and steam food on low heat.


Here are a Few Ideas for HCG Diet Cooking


Vegetables are delicious steamed in low sodium, organic vegetable broth or water with a dash of Braggs liquid amino's. I love steaming my vegetables this way.  Use spices to flavor your food. I love fresh herbs such as cilantro and parsley on my meat dishes for some extra fresh flavor. 


Getting the Flavor you Want on the HCG DietIf you like salty, play with adding Bragg's liquid amino's (remember moderation as it does have a high sodium content).  If youl ike tangy then go for some lemon juice or lemon zest to tase.  If you like sweet, go for some stevia drops. If you want a little sour ... play with apple cider vinegar. You can also combine all three for a wonderful dish that ignites all of the taste buds. The other night, I made a marinade of orange juice (squeezed from an orange), apple cider vinegar, braggs liquid aminos and stevia drops.  It was awesome!!




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