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Refreshing Fruit Slushies on The HCG Diet

February 14, 2017
Delicious Beverages for the HCG Diet Phase II
Delicious Beverages for the HCG Diet Phase II

Making Refreshing Drinks on the HCG Diet


It always amazes me all of the delicious things one can come up with in using the minimal list of foods available on the HCG Diet Phase II protocol.  In fact, utilizing those food options has become 75% of my own personal diet!  I love it and it feels great!  Truth is ... 200 years ago the phase 2 HCG Diet food list would have seemed like an incredible variety of food. In our modern day, we simply have so many food choices available in the modern day and honestly it is not best for our human physiology.  Regardless, it is always nice to be able to have a "treat" on your plan. These delicious drinks were shared with me from an HCG Diet patient. I have tried all of them myself and they are simple to make and really delicious. I even gave them to my kiddos over the weekend and they loved them!


Fruit Slushy on the HCG Diet


For this beverage, all you need is 1 cup of ice, 1 cup of water and a whole, peeled orange. Place it all in your blender and whip it up until your desired consistency.  You can also add in some stevia drops to taste and perhaps a little bit of pure, vanilla extract.  This would count as one of your fruit options for the day. You can also do this with a cup of strawberries or blueberries on phase II of the program.  If you want to make this on phase 3, you could use any berries for the fruit and some almond milk or other milk alternative (no sugars added) for the water portion.  Place the drink in a nice glass and enjoy!!


The HCG Diet can be Enjoyable


I encourage all of my patients to find something that feels like a treat on the HCG Diet. Enjoy your fruit as a snack!  Make a delicious beverage as listed above!  Find a way to enjoy your vegetables and your proteins as decadent meals. Treat yourself to a dinner of sirloin tips or lobster tails.  Make delicious lemonade with stevia, squeezed lemons and water. Love the fact that you are deeply cleansing your body!!




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