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Pure Essential Oils for Health and Well Being

June 22, 2016
Wild orange -- the rind can be cold pressed and made into a wonderful essential oil
Wild orange -- the rind can be cold pressed and made into a wonderful essential oil

Essential Oils:  a tool for health and well being


Essential oils are a wonderful part of my life!  They truly bring me so much joy. I use different oils for so many different purposes. I take them internally as medicine, I put them in my tea, I cook with them, I put them in my water, I diffuse them in my home, I put them in my homemade cleaning products and mix them into my body care products (which I make most of them at home in my kitchen).    I also use them with my children quite successfully to change mood, demeanor and even micro doses internally to help with coughs and flu's. 


Over the years, I have developed a relationship and understanding about different oils and the properties that they have on my well being.  I recommend essential oils to many of my HCG Diet patients to help with food cravings and energy/mood elevation!


Essential Oil Quality is KEY


One very important factor in choosing essential oils is QUALITY!!  I like to know where the original plants used to make my essential oils were harvested. I also like to know the processing that was used.  Steam distillation and cold press expression are best.  I also like to know that the oils that I choose have been thoroughly  tested to be of a pure therapeutic grade. Personally, I would not buy essential oils from just anywhere.  Purity, potency are very important. Also, knowing how to use them is quite important as well. 


Essential Oil of the Month


Today in my office, I put a few drops of Wild Orange essential oil by DoTERRA in my diffuser.  It smelled so fresh and alive!  Everyone that came through the door took a deep breath in delight.  It was fun to witness. Wild orange oil is made from orange rinds that are cold pressed.  This essential oil contains a high amount of monoterpenes,  which make it stimulating, purifying and boost the immune system.  This oil can also be added to water to aid digestion. 



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