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Preparing for the HCG Diet

June 20, 2018
You can do it!  The HCG Diet process is really remarkable when you follow it as outlined!
You can do it! The HCG Diet process is really remarkable when you follow it as outlined!

The HCG Diet Prep Process

The HCG Diet is a big commitment and one to prepare for. After doing this with over 2000 patients, I can say that the biggest hurdle is the mental hurdle. Food is EVERYWHERE and many have to undo carbohydrate cravings at the start of the HCG Diet plan.  I suggest that all of my patients create a vision board or some visual representation of their goal to look at if times get tough.  Of course, we also have to plan logistically by gathering all of the supplies that you might need such as food scale, bathroom scale, tape measure, body care products and food.  There is also the timing of the HCG Diet.  It is best to time your program when you are free from vacations, weddings, etc if possible.  However, the biggest prep comes mentally and if you have an I CAN attitude then you can make this program happen!  It is actually easier than most people believe that it will be!


A Few Tips for HCG Diet Preparation

  • Think about the timing and when you have at least 6 weeks to commit to yourself.  Being overly social and having to travel can get in the way for some people.
  • Keep Busy!!!  Read a book, go for a walk, paint, knit, do a project.  Boredom often leads to mindless eating.
  • Take time for yourself each day to unwind and let go of stress.  
  • "This too shall pass"  I love this quote and if you are having a hard moment this is great advice. Challenges on the HCG Diet seem to be very temporary.
  • Stay hydrated!  Water helps tremendously with hunger on this program.
  • Food prep - this is crucial to always plan ahead and have food in "grab and go" containers for when hunger happens

HCG Diet Mental Preparation


This can be very unique to each individual. Some people come to this process with a very healthy diet and others have a lot of work to do in letting junk food go!  I find that with most of my patients food cravings disappear by the 8th day.  I ask my patients to foresee challenges that may come up and together we come up with solutions on how to overcome them.  Stay tuned in and remind yourself WHY you are doing this program.  CONGRATULATE yourself and remember what a gift you are giving your body on a cellular level!  I love the results of the HCG Diet program!


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