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Portland HCG Diet Program ~ Advice on Maintaining Weight Loss

April 2, 2014
Maintaining weight loss after the HCG Diet is over
Maintaining weight loss after the HCG Diet is over

Let's make the weight loss that happens on your Portland HCG Diet Protocol maintainable!


Most of our patients who lose the weight learn how to keep it off.  For some, this may take 2 rounds of being on the HCG Diet program until they really learn what causes them to gain weight in general. The HCG Diet is not a "magic bullet" for weight loss.  Instead, it is a jump start to getting some unwanted weight off in a rather quick and dramatic way and then learning to how to eat to keep it off while not feeling deprived.  At the Natural Path, we offer an HCG Diet and weight loss program that is medically supervised and our goal is to help our patients live a healthier LIFE and feel better in their bodies for the long haul.  In my opinion, the HCG Diet is not a quik fix and if it is approached with that mind-set then the results may not be maintainable.  This program is the first step to making a true lifestyle change!


After Phase III of the HCG Diet ...


After phase III, you have the whole food realm to deal with.  You have to use your will power and make choices of food that will support and nourish your body.  You can choose foods that will essentially "toxify" your body but after eating so clean for 6-10 weeks you will not feel so good after eating "junk food."  Clean, lean vegetables and proteins are the foods that will nourish your body and keep your metabolism going strong.  We educate our patients about the paleo diet and encourage them to follow this eating plan 85% of the time and 15% of the time enjoy the abundance of food out in the world.  We teach our patients to eat with mindfulness and to ask themselves

"will this food nourish my body?"

  We also teach our patients to ask themselves

"am I truly hungry right now?"


Using the Scale for Information after the HCG Diet

Once, the phases of the HCG Diet are over, we hope that our patiets have learned a great deal about healthy eating, discovered the foods that caused them to gain weight and also made exercise a habit in their daily routine.  We also encourage our patients post HCG Diet to weight themselves atleast every other day.   This number is simply information and it is much easier to "fix" your weight if you are 2-4 lbs over your "ideal weight range"  than it is if you were to go 10 lbs over your "ideal weight range."


Correcting Weight Gain after the HCG Diet


When you see the scale creep up 2-4 lbs beyond your "ideal weight range" it is time to pull the reins in a little bit and take those few pounds off.  You do not have to feel deprived at this time.  All you need to do is go back to the phase II food list of the HCG Diet and eat 1200-1500 calories worth of the simple clean, lean proteins and vegetables on the phase II food list.  I see this work 95% of the time to bring that couple of extra pounds off.  If you keep up with a healthy eating plan and follow this "correction day" you will maintain your weight with ease.


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