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Phase II or the "HCG Phase" of the Medical HCG Diet Weight Loss Program

April 28, 2015
Phase II of the HCG Diet -- Healthy habits learned through Effective Weight Loss
Phase II of the HCG Diet -- Healthy habits learned through Effective Weight Loss

Phase II of the HCG Diet Program “The HCG Phase”

Many HCG Diet Programs may name the phases slightly differently. At the Natural Path Medically Supervised HCG Diet Program we call the phase where you switch over to the “very low calorie diet” (VLCD) Phase II or the HCG Diet Phase.


This phase of the HCG Diet generally begins on day 3 or 4 (depending upon if 2 or 3 days of loading were recommended to you. This phase can last anywhere from 21 to 42 days . What happens during this phase of the diet is amazing to me as a practitioner. Patients will burn fat stores and lose .25-1 lb per day average. The number of lbs lost will correspond with how much weight the patient has to lose. We always put our patients on our body composition scanner to see what might be a healthy amount of weight for them to lose in this part of the program. We monitor body composition through the program and it is amazing to see that most of the weight loss comes purely from fat stores. If this protocol were followed without the pharmaceutical HCG and the diet was followed on its own or with HCG Diet drops (which do not contain a pharmaceutical dose of HCG) we would see a great deal of lean muscle lost. “Muscle dictates metabolism,” is an old saying and if we lose our muscle tissue then we surely do a dis-service to our metabolism.


HCG and Leptin levels


It is thought that HCG allows leptin levels to remain elevated even though the caloric intake has decreased. This allows the body to be fed via fat metabolism or break down. For this reason, we find that most patients have minimal to no hunger through our phase II of the HCG Diet program. Leptin levels kept at an optimal level are known to keep hunger at bay and blood sugar in balance. I have found that when the protocol is not followed as outlined in our manual (aka cheating) the body can raise leptin levels due to an increase in blood sugar and then go into a mode of stalling. We know from research, that when leptin is over stimulated fat can be broken down. If this fat break down is more than the body needs for energy it can send a signal to PPAR-GAMMA which will then promote formation of new fat cells.


Food Preparation on Phase II of the HCG Diet

At our clinic, we highly recommend that our patients cook most, if not all of their own food on the HCG Diet program. Cooking food for yourself is something that we want our patients to learn about and get used to (if they do not do this already for themselves). We do not recommend meal replacement via protein shakes, etc. Learning to prep clean, lean protein and low, glycemic vegetables is a wonderful gift to give your body. Preparing food ahead of time and having lost of “grab and go” options is very helpful to success of the program with the modern, busy lifestyle.


*disclaimer: HCG and the HCG Diet are not FDA approved as a weight loss program. 


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