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Our First HCG Diet Patient to Lose 200 lbs!!

August 23, 2016
The HCG Diet can Help Achieve Weight Loss Goals!
The HCG Diet can Help Achieve Weight Loss Goals!

Beginning the HCG Diet Journey at 375 lbs


Kim came to our office 2 years ago July weighing in at 374 lbs and having 73% body fat. She suffered from CHF (congestive heart failure), high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other metabolic conditions. We spent the first 3 months optimizing her detoxification pathways with specific nutriceuticals and had her do a cleansing diet of clean, lean proteins, lots of fresh vegetables and the occasional piece of fruit and serving of grains.  In the first 3 months alone, she lost 25 lbs and we even lowered her rx insulin and high blood pressure medication by 20%.


At this point, I felt comfortable prescribing the HCG Diet Protocol to Kim with weekly office visits and daily check ins via email, text or phone (we provide incredible support to all of our patients as they need it).  She began her first round in October of 2014.  She rocked it.  She was losing well and I let her do the program for 50 days on phase II of the HCG Diet.  It was an incredible success as she lost 42 lbs on phase II and another 7.5 lbs on phase III.  At the end of her first round of the HCG Diet, she was weighing in at  299.5 lbs.  I myself was in awe. Kim was ecstatic with her success and beyond motivated. She took to changing her diet with such grace and ease.  We had now lowered her blood pressure meds by 40% and took her OFF of her rx insulin.  We worked in conjunction with her prescribing MD to put her on metformin 500 mg 2x/day.  Kim took her blood pressure and her blood sugars twice per day and reported them to me. This way, we knew when we needed to alter her medication. It was wonderful that all of her other medical doctors were on board and cheering her on.



The Next 2 Rounds of The HCG Diet Success!


Kim began her 2nd round of the HCG Diet in early January 2015. She was excited. She had lost even more weight in between rounds and began her 2nd round at 192 lbs.  Amazing!  She had a whole new wardrobe after shedding 82 lbs in just 6 months.  The best part about the HCG Diet is that her lean mass was staying the same!  This program keeps metabolism strong and that is the true benefit!  We decided that Kim would do best on a shorter round of the HCG Diet, as she had planned a vacation in Hawaii for late February. We put her on a 5 week round (phase II) and she was able to lose another 30 lbs.  We coached her well on how to follow a phase 3 diet in Hawaii and she was all for it. She had radically changed her diet and LOVED eating clean proteins and veggies as the main part of her caloric intake.  At this point, she was feeling more energetic than she had in years. She was almost pain free and was able to climb stairs without breaking a sweat and huffing and puffing!


After her trip to Hawaii, Kim continued on a healthy eating  plan and lost another 7 lbs in March.  She had a hip surgery in late March and took some time to rehabilitate.  We kept in touch weekly and she had continued to shed another 1 lb weekly.  By the end of April, she was 265 lbs ~ 110 lbs less from where she began.  In May of 2015, she began her 3rd round of the HCG Diet and this time went for 6 weeks and lost 36 lbs to weigh in at 229 with 57% body fat and increased lean mass. Yeah!  Her hip was getting stronger and she began adding slow walks in daily. It had been over 15 years since Kim had exercised on a regular basis.  In July 2015, Kim was 222. 


At this point, I wanted Kim to take a number of months "off" without using the HCG Diet for weight loss. My hope was for her to maintain and continue to lose slowly.  I also wanted her to focus on a non-deprivational healthy eating plan and to add in daily, non-negotiable exercise.  I truly wanted to see that she could continue this process of living a healthy life style on her own and allow her body re-calibrate and adjust to her new weight and change in medications.  At this time, she was on half her dose of blood pressure lowering medications and the metformin was taken just once per day.  We were still tonifying her adrenals, liver and kidney function with nutri-ceuticals.


Her Last Round of the HCG Diet and 200 lb Weight Loss Success


In January of 2016, Kim had taken 7 months to let her body remain committed to a healthy eating plan and to begin an exercise routine. I was so impressed with her will power to make these changes and fully commit. She did this with such excitement. I love this about her. She is an inspiration.  Between July 2015 and January 2016, she had lost another 12 lbs on her own and was weighing in at 210 lbs.  She had also gained 6 lbs of lean mass. I was impressed to say the least.  She began another round of the HCG diet with a goal of 30 lbs weight loss in 6 weeks on phase II and she did just that.  This left her at 182 lbs. She looked like a different person.


I met with Kim last week.  It was a celebration!  She came in and weighed 175 lbs.  This is an amazing change for a 67 year old female who came in 2 years ago weighing 375 lbs, on a host of medications and a slew of medical diagnoses that were not very promising.  These are the stories that inspire me. A woman who once struggled with every step and every breath she took. Today, she is 200 lbs less; she is OFF her blood sugar lowering and blood pressure lowering medications, sheswims 3x per week and walks 2 miles 4 days per week. She moves her body EVERY DAY!  She eats with the purpose of nourishing her body and enjoying healthy cuisine.   I am so proud of her!  I love the HCG Diet for the jump start it gives patients to weight loss and the motivation it creates. It also instills healthy eating patterns and can be a game changer for so many over weight people!


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