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Oh Those HCG Diet Plateau's!

October 5, 2016



Tips on how to deal with plateaus and hunger problems The human metabolism is designed to maintain homeostasis (a state of balance). This means the body fights against weight loss. Rate of Weight Loss It is important to understand how fast you should be losing weight on a weight loss program, and have realistic expectations. To obtain a clear understanding of what rate you should expect to lose weight while following the HCG diet, go to AdvanceHCG.com to find an Estimated Weight Loss calculator. Ways to Break Through a Weight Plateau A great way to combat these plateaus is a rapid shift in calories. Dr. Simeons offered two solutions called the Apple day, and the Steak day. Apple Day: The apple day is very simple. Eat only 6 apples in the entire day. This will cause a shock to the body, and hopefully help you to start losing and/or drop excess water weight. Steak Day: For the steak day, carbs are almost completely removed for a day, with the exception of vegetables. Don’t eat anything except for vegetables all day, and then have a large serving of protein at night (6-8 oz.). Water Weight Fluctuations in water weight happen at the beginning and end of all low carbohydrate diets. Generally, this water fluctuation can account for somewhere between 2-5 lbs. Do not panic if you experience these rapid changes in weight because they are not related to fat loss or gain. To help minimize this, stay consistent on the diet. Supplementing with potassium or a non-caloric electrolyte mix or supplement can also help. Set Points When the body reaches a familiar weight it is commonly called a Set-Point. The body recognizes set-points and adjusts the metabolic rate with the goal of maintaining weight. Don’t panic! Set points are inevitable, and during these plateaus, the most dangerous factor is YOU. Often, when weight loss seems to stop for no good reason, a dieter will make drastic changes in their diet, or cheat out of frustration. If you stick with it, the weight WILL start dropping again


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