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October 8, 2014
"Time to get New Clothes," said the HCG Diet patient
A 48 year old Female Shares her Experience with the HCG Diet
My name is Sherri and like many people these days I was overweight.  The funny thing is I did not really think I was "overweight" until I stepped on the scale in my doctors office and I was 232 lbs. My doctor ran some labs and when they told me I was pre-diabetic and obese I knew right then and there that I needed to do something about it.  I began looking online and talking with close friends who I also know struggled with weight issues.  I was turned on to the doctors at The Natural Path and their HCG weight loss diet through my friend Peggy. This has been the single best thing that I have ever done in my life.  I cannot even procalim enough how much my life has changed in 4 months.
Learning a New Way to Eat Through the HCG Diet
I began the program in June 2014 and my first round was 6 weeks long.  I stuck with the program exactly as I was directed and the results were astonishing -- I lost 34 lbs and I was 198 lbs.  I did the stabilization phase for 3 weeks and lost anther 3 lbs which brought me to 195.  I also began exercising at the gym through the encouragement of the doctors. I was afraid of gyms and had never been athletic.  I began taking water aerobics and yoga every week and learned that I love exercise and the friendly faces at the gym.  
I enjoyed phase III of the HCG Diet so much that I continued to follow this diet plan for another 3 weeks.  I learned about the paleo diet and phase III of the HCG weight loss protocol is really just a pretty strict form of the paleo diet and it worked for me.  I had never shopped for organic food or cooked for myself very much. I was a boxed food kind of lady.  My habits shifted dramatically and I began to plan meals and learned that I loved cooking.  My inspiration and motivation to become even healthier soared.
Mid August, I began my second round of the HCG Diet and again I followed the program for 42 days and this time I lost 28 lbs. and I am now down to 167!!!  I just finished this round and am headed into phase III.  I have to go and buy a whole new wardrobe. I literally have 5 pieces of clothing that I can wear without them falling off of me.
Let the HCG Diet Amaze you!
I asked Dr. Madda if I could write this for him to put in his waiting room. I would like people to hear my story and to give this program a try.  I wake up every day and am awe that I was able to change my body and my health in just 4 months. The way I eat and treat my body have changed dramatically. Dr. Madda and his wife Dr. Cara Phillipo-Madda are both the nicest, wamest and most knowledgable doctors I have ever known.  There is not enough thanks in the world that would ever feel like enough for the path they have led me down.


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