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My Success with the HCG Diet Program Was More than I had Dreamed

February 9, 2016
Take the HCG Diet Challenge!
Take the HCG Diet Challenge!

My Journey with the HCG Diet at The Natural Path


I wanted to share my story with perspective HCG Diet patients in the Portland metro area.  I am just elated with the success I had with this HCG Diet program.

My name is Kay and I am a 58 years old.  I love my life but have struggled with my health for the past 20 years.  I have high blood pressure, obesity, early stages of diabetes and arthritis (could be worse).  In June of 2015, my right knee had gotten so sore I could hardly walk.  I went to my doctor and he told me he wanted to replace the knee. He also let me know he would not be willing to do the surgery until I got below 200 lbs ... I was 247.5. 


I had heard of the HCG Diet but had always thought is sounded so drastic.  However, in the state I was in I was okay with the "quick fix."  I began doing some research and discovered The Natural Path. I chose this office as they were so professional, warm, kind and they got back to me right away.  I must have had a 1000 questions before I began and Dr. Cara answered every single one. Her eagerness to help me was so inspiring and motivating that it gave me some wind beneath my wings.  I started actually believing that not only would I  get a new knee, but that I could also be a "healthy" person.  That is just what happened in just 6 months.


Getting Started with the HCG Diet


I basically just threw myself in because I felt like I had to.  I was determined to get below 200 so that I could get a new knee.  The diet was like nothing I had ever followed before.  I am ashamed to admit but I had come from following the standard American diet and ate mostly junk:(  As I set sail with the HCG Diet program, I began eating clean, lean proteins and vegetables as my main food source.  I began purchasing organic food (and yes, I did spend more money on my groceries).  I even began cooking for myself.  There was so many changes happening all at once and I embraced it all with excitement and joy thanks to Dr. Cara's motivation.


Dr. Cara instructed me to take my blood pressure and blood sugar readings twice daily.  She assured me they would begin to drop and we would need to adjust my medication dose. She was right.  Actually, I am off of them all now and so relieved that I am not taking anymore pharmaceutical medications.


My Success with the HCG Diet Program

I did 2 rounds of the HCG Diet. Each round was 6 weeks on phase II and 4 weeks on phase III. I had one month break in between in which I basically continued with the phase III diet which is a modified paleo diet.  The first round, I lost 34 lbs with an additional 4 lbs lost on phase III.  In the second round, I lost 30 lbs.  That is 68 lbs!!!!!  In December, I got my new knee and just 2 months later I am back on my feet and testing it out more and more each day.


Besides the knee, I also feel like I have a new life. I know that sounds like a big statement but it is the truth.  I have less pain in my body that ever.  I feel lighter and more energized.  I am just delighted. I wanted to share my story!



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