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My Experiece With the HCG Diet at The Natural Path as a Patient

December 4, 2015
Transform your body with the HCG Diet Program
Transform your body with the HCG Diet Program

The Natural Path HCG Diet is the Best!


I cam in to see Dr. Cara on a Tuesday in September 2015. I was so desperate to lose weight. I had gained 45 lbs during a very stressful divorce and move and I just felt depressed about it.  It might sound silly but my weight was at the very center of my depression and I needed help.  I tried eating better and exercising daily at the gym and lost only 2 lbs in a month. I was beyond discouraged!!!


Finally, I decided to give the HCG Diet a try. I was so scared about it and very skeptical. However, I knew some friends that had done it with great success and decided to give it a try.  I made the phone call and when the office assistant knew I had questions beyond which she could answer she had the doctor call me back that afternoon. Dr. Cara answered all of my questions with knowledge and confidence and she made me feel so comfortable.  I got off the phone feeling really great about the appointment that I had made.


My First Meeting to Start the HCG Diet

The first office visit to begin the HCG Diet program was about 1.5 hours long and Dr,. Cara went over the whole program with me in detail and gave me a full body composition scan to analyze my body composition.  This would serve as a baseline to monitor from through the program. I liked that.  I left feeling so confidant that I could lose this weight.  I honestly felt a spark of happiness and saw a glimmer of hope that I had not felt in over a year. Dr. Cara was such a beacon of support for me from the first minute I met her.  Honestly, she really cares about her patients and that was so motivating for me.


HCG Diet Follow Ups


Each week, I met with Dr. Cara and I truly looked forward to it.  On average, I lost about 4 lbs per week and did the program for 6 weeks on phase II.  I lost 25 lbs in the first round and then went into phase III where I lost 2 more.  It was so neat to see how on the body composition scanner 95% of my weight loss came from fat stores. It was motivating to see my body composition moving in such a positive direction.  In early November, I decided to start a shorter round of 21 days and lost another 14 lbs. 


Reaching my goal in just 3 months was amazing. I feel better than ever.  The best part is that I have learned a better way to eat and it is sticking. Dr. Cara taught me why it was important to have such mindfulness when you eat.  She also inspired me to want to eat and live in a healthier way.  I cannot say enough about this transformative process. I feel so lucky that I did this!!!  If you have weight to lose ... this is the way to go. I promise!


--- Kathy E.   Portland, Oregon



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