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Medications and the HCG Diet

July 29, 2015
Medications that do and do not work with the HCG Diet Program Portland
Medications that do and do not work with the HCG Diet Program Portland

What Medications work with the HCG Diet?

After leading over 1200 patients through the HCG Diet I have learned a lot about prescription medications and the HCG Diet Protocol.  The truth is that most medications do not impact the program in a negative way.  We have patients do great on anti-depressants, birth control, hormone therapies, blood pressure and blood sugar lowering meds, cholesterol lowering meds,  pain meds, etc.   Blood pressure meds and blood sugar lowering meds do not negatively interact with the HCG itself.  However, it is important for patients on these drugs to monitor blood pressures and blood sugars daily in order to be sure the numbers do not get too low. As patients lose weight, their need for these medications declines and in many cases the patient can discontinue them all together over time. 


There are 2 prescription medications that I have seen slow down the process of the HCG Diet.  One of them is prednisone.  Again, there is not a negative interaction with prednisone and HCG; there is just a clinical observation that when patients are on prednisone and begin the HCG Diet they do not lose as much weight.  I have also seen over the counter medications with diphenhydramine slow the weight loss process down as well.


What Supplements might not work with the HCG Diet?

Most all supplements are fine to continue to take on the HCG Diet.  If a patient is taking oil based substances, I might ask them to stop.  These would include some fish oils, some Vitamin D products and any liquid vitamin preparation that may contain sugar.   A general rule of thumb is to discontinue any oil based supplement or any supplement that contains and sugars or carbs.  Most other supplements can be taken on the program.  Oil based supplements can be resumed once phase III begins.  We also recommend at times that patients discontinue general maintenance supplements that are not used to treat a specific health issue while they are on the HCG Diet Program!


What Supplements are Recommended on the HCG Diet Program?


On the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path, we recommend patients take a high quality probiotic in the morning to replenish the healthy gut bacteria.  We also recommend that patients take a formulation to ward off the "bad" gut bugs in the evening.  The hope is that by the end of your HCG Diet program you have balanced out the ecosystem in your gut and it will be an added health benefit to the program.  Did you know that our good gut bugs make more serotonin than the brain!  Did you know that our gut bugs are a part of our primary immune system?  They also are in charge of how we digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients in our food. They have a big job and the balance of our gut bugs is a cornerstone to optimal health.


Also, we recommed other supplements on an "as needed" basis.  For instance, if you are constipated we have gentle laxatives we can recommend. If there are sugar cravings we have things to recommend.  We monitor our patients on the HCG Diet and help them with what they are needing every step of the way!




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