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June 11, 2014
Expanding the Menu on Phase III of the HCG Diet
Expanding the Menu on Phase III of the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet "Stabilization Phase" or "Phase III"

Phase III of the HCG Diet is the last of the structured phases of the HCG weight loss program. This phase is extremely  important to the overall success of the HCG DIET. It is theorized that at this time the hypothalamus of the brain is re-calibrated. The stabilization phase is known to help reset the body metabolically. This phase is also a nice reward for our patients who have stuck with the 500 calorie (VLCD) phase for 3-6 weeks.  The food list greatly expands as does the caloric intake.  Fats can be added into the diet slowly.


A Little Insight to What Happens in Phase III of the HCG Diet

The Natural Path HCG Diet Stabilization Phase works to bring the metabolism back to an optimal range.  At this time, we instruct our patients to begin to cook with oils and use healthy salad dressings.  In this phase, we still do not add carbs and sugars back in other than those already found in the allowed fruits and vegetables.   During this phase, any organic protein source is allowed; the vegetable list expands as do the fruit choices.  I advise my patients to only add in one "extra" fat on top of cooking and salad oils per day.  In our HCG Diet program, we spend an entire visit going over the proper way to go through Phase III or the Stabiliation Phase. 


The Stabilization Phase of the HCG diet & weight loss plan is generally a wonderful experience for our patients. Increasing the number of calories to 1500/day is exciting after following such a low calorie, restricted diet for many weeks. Very slowly, the patient can eat new foods that are on theHCG Diet Phase III approved list.  It is IMPORTANT not to indulge at this time and to keep carbs and sugars low.   Moderation is the key to the stabilization phase of the HCG Diet plan.


When you begin this phase of the HCG Diet, it is also very important to remain aware of your body weight. we recommend that our patients weigh in daily.  The number on the scale can indicate when you eat a food you are sensitive to or one that makes your particular physiology hold water or weight. 

Gaining Weight on the STABILIZATION PHASE of HCG Diet

There are "correction days" built into this plan if you should gain 2-3 lbs. over your last injection weight (LIW).  If you happen to go 2-3 lbs. over your last injection weight (LIW) we advise our patients to eat 1200 calories that very day of the foods on the phase II of the HCG Diet food list.  That is a small amount of protein for breakfast and 6 oz of protein with lunch and 6 oz. of protein with dinner and veggie/fruit snacks in between meals.  


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