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Maintaining Weight Loss Post HCG Diet with the Hunger Scale

May 19, 2015
Learning the Hunger Scale on the HCG Diet for Weight Maintenance
Learning the Hunger Scale on the HCG Diet for Weight Maintenance

Eating With the Hunger Scale … A Practical Tool for Weight Maintenance


It may be the most simple premise ever … “Eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you feel satisfied.” However, this little task is certainly not an easy one for most of us to follow. It takes a GREAT deal of mindfulness and in the process we learn about all of those urges that make us want to eat despite the fact that our bodies are not feeling physiologically hungry. We ask all of our HCG Diet patients going into phase III of the program to ask themselves “Am I hungry?” before letting any food cross through the lips into the body. What we find in surveying our patients is that most say that about 50% of the time they catch themselves going to eat while actually feeling quite satisfied on the hunger scale.



Triggers that Cause People to Eat Beyond Hunger

Eating for most people these days seems to be more habitual or in response to an emotional trigger rather than from true hunger and a desire of the body on a functional level for food. We eat because we are bored, we eat because we are angry, we eat simply because we pass through the kitchen, we eat because it is fun and fills the senses, we eat to reward ourselves for a job well done, we eat because we do not want things to go to waste.


How often do you eat when your body truly is not feeling any level of hunger?


How often to you keep eating what is in front of you past the point of feeling satisfied?


Learning About Your Bodies Hunger Que’s

I bet the answer to these questions is "quite often." Mindfulness is the key here and if you make a commitment to pay close attention to your hunger as well as, your motivation to eat, you will begin to gain awareness into patterns of eating triggers. Overtime, this will begin to become second nature. It really will. Like anything, it takes PRACTICE, it takes WILL POWER and it takes MINDFULLNESS.


This simple premise of the hunger scale is one of the best tools that I have to offer my patients. I am so proud of the ones who take it to heart and practice this for the three weeks they are in phase III of the HCG Diet Program at The Natural Path. The feedback and results that they come back to my office with really amaze me on a daily basis.


There is so much learning to be done on what makes us eat in today’s world where food is ever abundant in our society. Gaining control of this and learning to eat in response to the body’s natural signals of hunger and learning which foods are the most functional for the body can really turn health around in a HUGE way!


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