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July 20, 2015
Choosing Food to Enhance your Lifeafter the HCG Diet
Choosing Food to Enhance your Lifeafter the HCG Diet

The Opportunity to Achieve Higher States of Health after the HCG Diet


Patients always ask me how they should eat to maintain their weight and to have greater health in their life.  My best advice is to always choose clean, lean proteins and organically grown grains, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.  Anything outside of this realm is food that I do not necessarily believe that we need. I love plants and the amazing food and medicine that they can bring to our lives. In todays world, we always know where our next meal is going to come from. We are not in a state of needing to load up on carbohydrates.  Think of the giant, lean, strog buffalo who can sustain that beautiful body by grazing on grass all day.  I know for myself and many others that eating healthy, light, organically grown and nourishing foods keeps me feeling alive.


Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet after the HCG Diet Protocol


After the HCG Diet Protocol offered at The Natural Path, my patiens always want to know the best way to eat for a healthy life.

The best tip I can offer .... Be prepared!    Stock your fridge with nourishing foods. Have food ready at your fingertips.  Cut up apples, carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber. Keep small handfuls of almonds around.  Make some free-range chicken an keep some cut up in your fridge.  I also recommend that you take  your lunch with you and a "snack sack" when you head out.  This way, you can be assurd that you have healthy choices available when you can.  Transition "junk" foods in your life to a more healthy alternative.  This may need to be a slow progresion but make the strides.  Play with cutting vegetables and sauteeing them with coconut oil and salt.  Try new things!  Also, do not wait until you are very hungry to eat.  Have your nourishing foods around and then grab them when you feel hungry.  Vegetables are full of phytochemcials that are so good for our body!  Enjoy them as superstars for your body!


Before you Eat ... Ask Yourself ... Will this Nourish me??


Our food can be looked at as our pharmacy.  Before you eat ... you can ask yourself ... Is this going to nourish me?  Is this going to make me stronger? Is this going to make me weaker?  Realize that everything you put in your body has an effect.  The effects can be cumulative.  Goood choices overtime will add up and make you feel better, lose weight, be less inflammed and probably even more joyful.  EAT FOR NOURISHMENT AND LIFE!


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