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Life After the HCG Diet Protocol at The Natural Path

October 20, 2015
Portland HCG Diet at The Natural Path
Portland HCG Diet at The Natural Path
The ​HCG Diet Protocol is over ...

At this point, many of our patients feel very nervous about the potential to gain the weight back that they worked so hard to lose.  The truth is that the HCG Diet is not a magic bullet, it does not reset your hypothalamus and therefore you can go and eat what you wish and not gain weight. 

The HCG Diet is an amazing way to shed some weight quickly and safely.  Our body composition analysis consistently shows that our patients lose weight from fat stores and not lean mass on this program.  This is great and keeps metabolism sound. 

If you want to keep your weight off after the HCG Diet Program, you have to make and commit to dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Dietary Changes after the HCG Diet Protocol

My recommendations to patients are to eat as closely as you can to a phase III diet.  I love the phase III diet.  Choose lots of clean protein options and be sure you also include a variety of green veggies in unlimited amounts.  The occasional fruit here and there works well.  Healthy fats are also part of a healthy, balanced diet.  Feel free to cook with an organic oil of your choice such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc.  Use salad dressing in moderation and have the occasional serving of nuts and cheese.  If you can do this 85% of the time you will be golden. 

The other 10-15% of the time you can go out and have "fun" with food.  Be social and enjoy.  When it comes to desert, remember the 3 bite rule.  Have the first bite and savor the flavors.  Have a second bite and do the same. Truth is that you will probably enjoy it more than you would if you mindlessly ate the whole serving.

An Eating Plan Alternative after the HCG Diet

Today, a patient who has done exceptionally well at maintaining and even continuing her weight loss journey after the HCG Diet shared with me her plan.

She chooses to weigh in every week to be sure she is staying on track.  Then, she follows the phase III HCG diet as we outline it at The Natural Path​ 3 days per week; one day per week -- she allows herself to go off plan while still being health conscious.  Then, after that day if she has gained, she does an apple day. If she has not gained she follows the P3 HCG Diet protocol.  Essentially, she has made the P3 Diet program her maintenance plan and it works for her.

You have to find what works for you.  For some the "cheat day" is a way to go. For others, the occasional night out here and there works better.  You decide for you what works. 

We are here to help our patients design a P4 plan that works for them after losing weight on the HCG Diet!

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