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Know what is in your Protein Powder ... on the HCG Diet and off

October 1, 2014
This is one of our favorite protein powders for the HCG Diet
This is one of our favorite protein powders for the HCG Diet

What is in your Protein Powder?


Many of our HCG Diet patients at The Natural Path ask us what kind of protein powder we recommend.  After extensively researching the protein powder industry I was rather appalled at the processing that went into producing most protein powders. I was also quite surprised by the long list of fillers and preservatives used.  I found that most whey protein was so processed that in the end I would hardly call it "whey" anymore.  Soy protein is not my favorite due to the phlegm producing factors of soy as well as the allergenic potential and the fact that most soy is genetically modified.  At the end of the day, I had only 5 types of protein powder that I felt comfortable recommending to my patients. They are:

  • Sun Warrior Classic Protein powder - this is a raw protein powder that is minimally processed and sweetened with Stevia.  No added fillers or preservatives.
  • Warrior Food Protein Powder -- which is very similar in qulaity to the above
  • Health Force Purely Protein
  • Hemp Protein powder - not my favorite flavor but a great source of protein
  • yBeyond Whey - by Natura

Does your Protein Powder taste too Good to be True?


The truth is that  if your protein powder tastes rich, creamy and delicious it is probably too good to be true. In my research project with protein powders I was astounded at all of the sugar and carbs loaded into some of these processed proteins.  Yikes!  I recommend finding a protein powder that is minimally processed and sweetened with stevia.  I like to see the carb content of a protein powder under 8 g per serving.  I also prefer brown rice, pea and hemp protein as the source as these are the least allergenic and least processed of the proteins.  There are also some whey protein powders that I think are fairly decent such as "beyond Whey" by Natura.


Best Protein Powders for the HCG Diet


Due to the carb, sugar and protein profile of Sun Warrior protein powder this is the one we recommend for our Portland based HCG Diet program.  It is something we recommend patients have for breakfast as it can be blended with water and frozen strawberries (counts as one fruit) and is fairly tasty.  This also makes a nice replenisher for our HCG Diet patients who choose to workout on the program.


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