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January 27, 2015
HCG Diet Success and Feeling Proud!
HCG Diet Success and Feeling Proud!

The HCG Diet is a Huge Source of Inspiration and Motivation

It makes my day to see an HCG Diet patient move through the entire program and feel a sense of true success. As my HCG Diet patient left my office today she turned to me and sai "This is the first time in 45 years that I have felt truly successful at something that I did just for me." I could see the pride and satisfaction all over her face.  She also confessed that she had learned a whole new way of consuming food for satisfaction and function.  Leading patients through an HCG Diet Protocol is basically the last thing I thought I would be doing as a physician.  When I got out of medical school I did not even know what the HCG Diet was and then for 2 years after hearing about it I judged it as another "fad" that could not be a healthy choice.  Nearly ten years later as one thing led to another my practice has evolved to be 90% HCG Diet focused and I honesty feel that there is no way I could help my patients evolve their focus on food consumption without the realities of this program. 

Successful Weight Loss with the HCG Diet

Most of our HCG Diet patients have tried any and every fad diet under the sun.  They may be able to lose that 10, 20 or 30 lbs but keeping it off is another thing.  At our office, we use a top of the line, 17K dollar body composition analyzer to monitor our patients progress with the program.  What we find is that the HCG Diet weight loss comes from 95% fat stores and with many other diets including HCG Diet drops the weight loss comes from a combo of fat and lean muscle.  Sparing lean muscle is the beauty of the HCG Diet as myscle dictates metabolism.  As patients go through our program they are following a very rigid diet and they are not calorically deprived as the HCG helps to stimulate fat turn over which serves as a source of calories or "fuel."  Another key to the HCG Diet program is to follow phase III or the "stabilization phase" as we outline it in our protocol.  Phase III helps to lock in the new "set point" of weight after losing the fat on phase II or the "HCG phase."

Feeling Proud of YOU on the HCG Diet

One of the best feelings for me as a physician that facilitates the HCG Diet is to see my patients feel truly PROUD of themselves. How often do we feel this sensation as adults??  Unfortunately, not often enough.  I LOVE when I get to see my patients gleaming from ear to ear after getting all the way to phase III and being 30 lbs less and really loving what happened in their bodies and therefore their lives.  The big picture pride is wonderful to see.  On a smaller scale, each day that the program is followed as we outline in our manual is something to be proud of.  I hear my patients describe that sense of pride that happens on a daily basis as they follow the plan and not give power to food anymore.

*The HCG Diet is not FDA approved for weight loss!


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