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How I Lost 60 lbs on the HCG Diet -- an hcg diet patient speaks

March 1, 2015
The HCG Diet has helped so many of our patients feel better in their bodies and in their lives!!
The HCG Diet has helped so many of our patients feel better in their bodies and in their lives!!

A Patient Testimonial for the HCG Diet at The Natural Path


Hi!  My name is Helen.  I am a 57 year old physicians asistant and I have lost over 60 lbs this year on the HCG Diet at The Natural Path.  After hitting menopause, I slowly began to pack on the pounds.  With each year that passed, I gradually put on 10 lbs while actually trying to eat consciously and exercise more.  After 5 years of trying every diet under the sun with no resolve ... I went for the HCG Diet.  I researched the program for months before jumping on board.  I googled "HCG DIET PORTLAND" and found The Natural Path.  The staff at the office were very kind and informative.  I had a lot of questions and later that day, Dr. Cara called me back and graciously answered every single one with a very knowledgable, informed answer.  After calling many clinics that offer the HCG Diet it was clear to me that The Natural Path was hands down the place for me.  


The HCG Diet Journey Begins


Like many people, I was very skeptical and nervous about the HCG Diet Program. Hearing "HCG injections" and a "500 calorie diet" made me quite suspicious.  It was amazing to learn how the HCG along with the specific diet helps the body to liberate between 1500-2500 calories per day of your bodies own fat stores for fuel.  This is the reason the diet is metabolically sound.  I can also prove that with my body compositio profiles which showed that over the past 6 months I lost only 1 lb of lean mass (mostly water loss) and lost 61 lbs from my fat stores.  This truly is AMAZING.  Honestly, there are not many diets that can do that.


I began the program in September of 2014 after spending the summer kind of depressed about my weight gain.  It just felt like this impending doom that I had no control over.  After my first meeting with Dr. Cara, I was all fired up with hope and eager to be successful with this program.  I lost the weight in 3 rounds of the HCG Diet protocol.  I did each round for 28 days (that felt manageable for me).  I also took 6 weeks off in between each round.  Three of those weeks were phase III of the HCG Diet and 3 were me eating my "normal" diet.  I can honestly say that in the past 6 months my "normal" diet has changed drastically.  


Life after the HCG Diet

Dr. Madda and Dr. Cara offer an incredible amount of knowledge about the physioogy of weight gain and what it means to "eat functionally."  The learning was like a "light switch" that triggered a new understanding about food in my life.  My goal was to lose 50 lbs by Valentines day as I was going on a cruise with my husband to celebrate 25 years of marriage.  I exceeded my goal and went from 200.5 lbs to 137.5.  I had to buy ALL new clothes.  I went from a size 14 to a size 8.  Also, I need to add that I feel better than I can ever remember feeling in my life. In the new year, I also started some bio identical hormone treatment via the testosterone pellet.  Again, this was something I was a bit skeptical about but after hearing from an MD breast cancer, oncologist and surgeon who promoted the pellet with a passion that could light up the night sky I decided to go for it!  All I can say is WOW!


I am actually blown away by The Natural Path as a business and most of all by the people that Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo are.  I feel extremely blessed to have crossed their paths and they are my new primary care physicians.




Thanks so much for writing this to us and sending us the flowers that came along with it!  Helping people change their lives by learning how to eat for health (and of course, a little for pleasure) is such a dlightful honor. We feel blessed to touch lives in this profound way!


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