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Healthy Holiday Habits for those on or post HCG Diet

December 9, 2016
Eat well, Exercise, Rest, stay balanced and happy!
Eat well, Exercise, Rest, stay balanced and happy!

Keeping your HCG Diet results Strong Through the Holidays


The holidays are here!  This is a great chance to test yourself with balance and will power. If you are on P2 or P3 of the HCG Diet program then any "treats" will get  in the way of your results.  If you are post HCG Diet, you can find the occasional indulgence to enjoy.  After all, I believe if we are too rigid with our diets we can set ourselves up for failure. With the holidays come LOTS of INDULGENCES! Choose wisely and be conscious and ... enjoy! 


For those on P2 or P3 of the program find things within your realm of the program that seem decadent!  Make some holiday cookies with almond flour and stevia on phase 3. I bet the internet is loaded with holiday treats for Phase 3 of the HCG Diet!  If you are on phase 2 of the HCG Diet, you may be more limited but you can still enjoy.  One of my favorite P2 desserts is a baked apple with stevia and cinnamon!


Here are a few little tips to stay Healthy and happy this holiday season on or post HCG Diet

  1. Do not be MINDLESS while you are eating. Do your body a favor and be conscious when making choices and eating. Find the occasional treat and ENJOY. Find the right balance for where you are right now with your HCG Diet program. Be strong. You will be proud of yourself if you make good choices and that feels fabulous!
  2. Tune into the love and connections you have with family and friends  moFeeling love and gratitude for our loved ones is emotional nourishment.  Be of support to those in need and take care of those you love.  Give it  a try this season and see how how full your heart can be.
  3. Get creative! The holidays are full of creativity. You can make wreaths, candles, snow globes, cards, gifts for friends and even healthy or not so healthy treats.  Try some new foods or activities as well!
  4. Maintain your own Health. The holidays get busy! Try to stay tuned into your healthy diet, workout schedule and sleep.  Keep the stress down and keep your relationships peaceful!
  5. Identify your Basic Daily Health Needs -  What do you want to have in the fridge to go to for meals and snacks? The holidays are a good time for food prep!  When we get busy it is nice to have our own healthy, prepared meals ready to grab and go!  This time of year, I really love soups.  You can add in a grain or legume if you need something more dense. I also love garlic, ginger and onions for my immune system.  These are some of the things that I need in my every day life:
  • Good sleep!  I love 7 hours but usually get closer to 6!  I am working on this!
  • Lots of pure water and tea through the day
  • Exercising 6 days per week and stretching too
  • Chewing my food well and eating slowly (working on this)
  • Focusing my diet around vegetables and clean, light proteins (my DNA results show I do not do well with fats so I am working to cut those down a bit)
  1. Exercise! Move your body!  This is just as important now as it is in the summer time!  It is also important to take time to stretch your body and unwind a bit. 
  2. REST!  This is not my strong suit but I am making strides here in the past few months.  I realize how important rest is to recharge the batteries.  The holidays can be demanding. Be sure to take some time for yourself!


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