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Healthy Holiday eating on the HCG Diet and Other Clean Eating Plans

December 15, 2017
Healthy Food Options on the HCG Diet during the Holidays
Healthy Food Options on the HCG Diet during the Holidays

How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays and Special Occasions on the HCG Diet or any Clean Eating Plan

The holidays are here!  It is such a magical time of year!  There is an abundance of joy and gratitude in the air. There is also an abundance of food laden with sugar, chemicals and then sprinkled with love and Christmas cheer.  In my practice as a Naturopathic physician, I help people get into a healthier body through diet!  I love the HCG Diet and how it can help jump start weight loss for many who have struggled.


Remember ... What is on the end of your fork is your most powerful medicine over time!. Period.  The holidays present "opportunities" for us to make healthy choices for ourselves. Do you want to feel deprived of Christmas cookies or the body and health you have been striving for???  You also do not have to fully deprive yourself of holiday goodies ... just go with the one bite rule and enjoy it thoroughly. Trust me, you will enjoy it so much more than the person sitting next to you who just ate the whole piece of cheesecake mindlessly.

Cheating on the HCG Diet Plan this Holiday

If you choose to have a planned "cheat" day just be aware that it will most likely cause a stall for 3-5 days.  You get to decide if that is worth it! If you do have a cheat day, I would go for an apple day (P2) or a Natural Path correction day (P3)the following day and hit the water pretty hard. Then, I would resume very strictly on the P2 plan (or P3 plan).

Hcg Diet Food Alternatives: How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

If you are hosting for the holidays, you are in luck- it’s easy to make a completely healthy holiday feast and not gain a single pound! If you are a guest at someone else’s holiday table, offer to bring your new dish of “rosemary cranberry relish” or whichever holiday foods you know are trigger foods for you personally.  That way you are helping out your host as well as your diet.

A Few Holiday Food Tips for those on the HCG Diet 

  1. Be sure you stay very hydrated through the holidays. Water keeps hunger at bay and will assist you in staying on track!
  2. Keep lots of chopped up HCG Diet friendly veggies around. Arrange them on a tray and feel free to snack on vegetables through the day or at a holiday party. I always recommend showing up with the veggie tray!  Make a nice dip out of herbs and Greek Yogurt.  
  3. Alcohol is not allowed on the HCG Diet. However, if you are in a situation and a drink seems to be finding its way into your hands, I strongly suggest going with mineral water, a splash of vodka, lemon or lime and stevia if needed. I do not condone this on the program. However, this option will have the least impact on your blood sugar levels. 
  4. Skip the dark meat and go for the white if you are on phase 2 of the HCG Diet program. You can mix it up a bit on phase 3.


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