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HCG Diet Phase 2 Cabbage Chili Recipe!

October 26, 2016
Cabbage is a Versatile Vegetable on the HCG Diet Plan
Cabbage is a Versatile Vegetable on the HCG Diet Plan

Delicious Fall HCG Diet Dinner - Cabbage Chili - Yum!


The weather turned a quick corner this year from late summer to Fall. With the raindrops coming down outside, the temperatures cooling off and the sun setting early it is nice to have some comfort food for dinner on occasion.  The HCG Diet can be a challenge for many in getting meals prepped and made. This is a dish you can make and eat the left overs for lunch or dinner for the next few days. There are many ways in which this HCG Diet phase II dish can be enjoyed.



Gathering Ingredients for the HCG Diet Cabbage Chili


One nice thing about the HCG Diet is that the meals are very simple to prepare.  With not as many choices of ingredients it makes meal prep even simpler. I like simple! For this dish, you will need to go to the store and get:


      3.5 ounces of organic/free range lean ground beef or chicken breast
      4 oz  of cabbage (any variety that you like)
      3.5 oz  tomato, chopped; you can also use organic, low sodium stewed or diced tomatoes if you choose
      2 cups of water
      1 tsp ground cumin
      1 tsp chili powder
      1 tsp ground thyme
      1 tsp oregano
      2 cloves garlic
      salt and pepper to taste

Putting the HCG Diet Cabbage Chili Together

Place the meat and minced garlic in a pan and begin cooking.  Add in the 2 cups of water and the spices.  Once the water gets hot, you can add in the cabbage.  You will want to cook this until the cabbage is to your desired tenderness.  Next, add in the tomato.  Cook until it all looks like a nice soup!
This can be eaten in a bowl as a chili; it can also be scooped into butter lettuce leaves and eaten like an HCG Diet Phase II taco!  Enjoy!



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