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HCG Diet Patient Success -- Losing 100 lbs!

June 4, 2014
100 lbs lost with the help of the HCG DIet Portland
100 lbs lost with the help of the HCG DIet Portland
Success and Profound Life Changes Through the HCG Diet


Today, I am wrapping up my day feeling extremely happy and proud of the job that I "get" to do every day.  I had my 5th patient reach the goal of 100 lbs of weight loss through the HCG Diet.  I look back to just over a  year ago when I met this woman and find it extrememly hard to believe that it is the same person that was just sitting in front of me less than an hour ago.  The "old" Cindy had trouble breathing.  She was winded after climbing the short flight of stairs up to our office.  She walked with a cane.  She suffered from arthirits. Every day, she took an arsenal of prescription medication for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, arthritis, etc.  She was inactive and her diet was horrible to say the least.



One Step at a Time and The HCG Diet can Help to Change your Lifestyle and your LIFE!


I met with Cindy weekly through her first HCG Diet program for 2 months.  In that time, she took the HCG Weight Loss program to heart and followed it exactly as I prescribed it to her. I was very impressed with her from the very beginning as she had gone from eating a diet of processed food to a diet of clean, lean protein and veggies that she prepared for herself with inspiration and excitement.  This was a good sign.  I worked closely with Cindy and cheered her on as she lost her first 40 lbs. in 42 days of the HCG Diet.  She continued on with her new eating habits for another 2 months and maintained her weight perfectly.  She then revisited the HCG Diet program for another 30 days and lost 30 lbs.  That was 70 lbs down in about 5 months. 


At this time, I asked Cindy to maitain her 70 lb. weight loss for 3 months before beginning another round of HCG. She continued with a paleo diet and began adding in a brisk walk for 10 minutes per day.  In the first month, she lost another 5 lbs. on her own and increased her walks from 10-25 min. per day.  I asked her to make her walks non-negotiable and she did just that.  By the end of the 3 months, she had lost a total of 80 lbs.  She began another 42 day round of the HCG Diet and off went another 30 lbs.  The weight loss was a bit slower this round but she lost 100 lbs total. 


No Medications Post HCG Diet Weight Loss


CIndy was on a lot of medications when she began the program.  I had her take her blood pressure twice daily and her blood sugar twice daily as well.  Slowly over time, we had her lower her blood pressure medications and blood sugar medications until she did not need them anymore.  This happended during her second round on the HCG Diet.    By the end of her last round of the HCG Diet she was off ALL of her prescription medications!


I could not be more proud of this woman.  She is a pure inspiration to me and so many others who cross her path.  She is living proof that in a years time you can lose 100 lbs and turn your life around.



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