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HCG Diet Experience Round 2 -- Happy Patient

October 7, 2015

The HCG Diet has been One of My Greatest Teachers


I came to The Natural Path and saw Dr. Cara Phillipo in May of 2015.  I was nervous to begin the program.  I had 2 knees in need of replacement and my doctor would not do surgery until I had lost 65 lbs.  I felt defeated by life in so many ways.  I did not ever think I could possibly get to where I am today.  In fact, I would call this a miracle for sure. 


On my way to meet with Dr. Cara to begin the HCG Diet, I was really anxious to say the least.  When I walked in the door of The Natural Path, the office was so inviting.  When Dr. Cara greeted me her warmth and sincerity made me feel completely safe and at home with my lifetime of weight issues that I shared with her.  I left my first appointment feeling hopeful. I felt a spark of motivation and inspiration that I had not felt in so many years.  Inside, I knew I could do this. 


I took the HCG Diet very seriously and followed the instructions as outlined by the doctor.  She was there to support me anytime I needed her. She got back to me within an hour or two of every text or email.  I felt I had a cheerleader right by my side.  It was hard somedays.  I was not "hungry" but I had 30 years of emotional eating patterns to grapple with.  I learned some exercises from Dr. Cara and by the 3rd week in I could see the patterns going away. Wow!  I was learning how to free myself from the pattern I had created of turning to food to satisfy almost any emotion ranging from sadness and joy to anger and fear. 

I would say this was one of the best things to come from the program.


The HCG Diet Helped me to Move my Body Again

Before I began the program, I was diagnosed with arthritis.  My body would ache on a daily basis and I had become fairly lazy.  I did not exercise and even felt like going to get the mail was a workout.  After completing my first round of the HCG Diet at the end of June, I had lost 30 lbs.  It felt so great.  I was now on phase III of the program and Dr. Cara had instructed me to walk daily and to find a personal trainer to workout with 2 days per week. I was scared of this hurdle but knew I needed to jump right in and face the challenge.  I did!!! 


This was one of the best things I have done. I learned to believe again that my body could move and exercise. I learned that I was actually very strong.  After a couple weeks of this, I could not believe how much better I felt.  I also lost 4 more lbs in phase III.  I began walking daily for 20 minutes.  This led to 30 minutes and I even began to do situps and attempt push ups.  I never thought that at 60 years old I could move my body better than I could when I was 40.


Round 2 on the HCG Diet Took Me to My New Knees


In August, I began the HCG Diet again.  It actually felt so good to be on the program again. I realized how much I loved and craved simple food such as clean proteins and vegetables.  This was now the main staple of my diet by choice. That is what felt so liberating to me.  By mid September, I had reached my goal.  Last week, I had my left knee replaced and I am so excited to know what it is going to feel like to be able to walk upstairs without pain.  My healing is going well.  I am going to do one more round of the HCG Diet in October and get my right knee done in early 2016.  In September 2016, I am planning a walking tour through Spain with my husband.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be this person I am today. 


My message: If you have weight to lose and if your eating and exercise habits are not in the best place ... YOU CAN TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND!!!


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