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January 18, 2016
The HCG Diet Cheat Day Fix Protocol at The Natural Path
The HCG Diet Cheat Day Fix Protocol at The Natural Path

What is the Best Thing to do After I Cheated on the HCG Diet?

This is a question that I get a lot in my practice.  My HCG Diet patients always want to know if they should do an apple day after a cheat? Often, my response is no to the "apple day."  I have another recommendation that I call the "HCG Diet Cheat Day Fix."

Why not an Apple Day After Cheating on the HCG Diet?

Apple days work well for some people. I am in no way saying that they are not "good."  They work well for breaking stalls for sure.  However, apples on the HCG Diet have a significantly higher amount of sugar and carbohydrate than a regular phase II VLCD day.  For some patients who have issues with blood sugar, I find that they are actually hungrier with apples.  Yes, during a stall, an apple day can help you to lose .5-2 lbs. This is most likely just water as apples are fairly astringent and cleansing. 

The HCG Diet Cheat Day Fix

This little protocol can also be used when stalls are happening.  It is simple ... omit the fruit and add in an extra serving of P2 vegetable.  Many patients go through the entire protocol doing this and it works awesome! 


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