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July 30, 2014
A Weight Loss Prograt really works --- THE HCG DIET
A Weight Loss Prograt really works --- THE HCG DIET


The HCG Diet at the Natural Path was a total transformational health experience  for me! I have learned about healthy eating, natural and organic ways to fuel my body, how to cook in a healthy way and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I have studied health and fitness for years and yet, was feeding my body with all of the wrong foods. Dr. Robert & Dr. Cara gave me amazing support and† I was able to stick to the plan and achieve my desired results. Today, thanks to the HCG Diet, I can appreciate portions, the true flavors and tastes of food, and the affect of food on my body. This HCG Diet & weight loss program has been life-changing and I am enthusiastic about my future lifestyle focused on healthy eating and living. Not only did I lose the pounds and inches I had hoped (and more), I can now fit into my clothes comfortably and am informed on how to maintain this lifestyle and feeling of healthy confidence!"
Sylvia., Lake Oswego, Oregon

15 Lbs. & 4  Weeks on the HCG Diet -- YEAH!

"I have lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks on the HCG Diet program. I have maintained my weight since I have been off of the HCG Diet protocol for the last 30 days."
Jessie (Portland, OR)

The HCG Diet ... It Really WORKS!!

"If I had all the money that I invested into diet programs, diet foods, diet fads that didn't work, I'd be out on a major shopping spree buying new clothes for the one diet that DID work! The HCG Diet was a Solution!! The HCG Diet is amazing and because of it I lost 30 pounds in 45 days. I will now actually allow my picture to be taken and went on my recent beach vacation with a renewed self confidence. I didn't take before and after pictures and I didn't measure myself. I am going to do the HCG Diet program again (2nd go around) and nab those last 15 pounds and then --- "shopping spree - here I come".Lori C. (Tigard, Oregon)


"Being an athlete all of my life, weight was not a particular problem. It was easy to drop 10 or 15 pounds using diet and exercise. When I got pregnant, I put on 75 pounds. Even though I climbed mountains, did weight training and did aerobic exercises daily, I still could not drop but a few pounds. I found that my hormones were ruling my body and nothing was going to budge my weight. This HCG diet was a miracle, allowing me to drop 35 pounds in 5 weeks and find the old me. The subsequent HCG Diet rounds I did reshape and gave me the physique I had in college. I have the energy and sparkle of a 20 year old (I'm 53)".

Melissa H. (Vancouver, WA)


"This HCG Diet program has saved my life!!! Not just the measurable things like blood pressure and cholesterol. Both of mine have improved tremendously. I'm really talking about the things that used to exist in my own hell."
 Maria B. (Gresham, OR)
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