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Give the HCG Diet a try in 2015 to shed that Extra Weight

January 7, 2015
"My body has never felt this fabulous - I am beyond grateful for the HCG Diet
An HCG Dieters Amazing Results in 2014 - go for it and jump start your weight loss in 2015!


My name is Dan and last year at this time I weighed 318 lbs. I knew when I stepped on the scale on 1/2/14 that I had to do something about my constant weight gain or it was going to take my life.  I had friends who had used the HCG Diet Program with success and I knew it was my only hope. I had tried a million other diets in the past and I could easily lose 20 lbs but I could never keep it off. When I saw 318 on the scale ... I was determined.


Preparing for the HCG Diet at The Natural Path in Portland


It was a new year and I was ready to create a new me.  I called The Natural Path and could not get in for 2 weeks.  In the meantime, I read a lot about The HCG Diet and prepared myself for what was to come.  Dr . Cara Phillipo ND sent me a manual that she had written as well as many articles she had authored to help me truly understand how the HCG Diet would help me to lose weight and how the whole program would help me to change my life to create new pathways to lead me to a new Dan in 2014.


The HCG Diet Transformed my Life in 2014

Through the New Year, I was amazed at how my life was transforming. I did 3 rounds of the HCG Diet and was down 98 lbs.  After that, I had such a handle on eating a fairly strict paleo diet that I kept it up and lost another 17 lbs.  Overall, I lost 115 lbs in 2014. I can honestly say that I have never felt better. I really did not know I could feel this energized.  I am off all of the medications I was taking a year ago!  What has happened for me in 2014 with the HCG Diet is truly a miracle in my eyes.


I wanted to share my story for Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo's patients who might be considering the HCG Diet to hit the "reset"button on eating patterns and habits and to lose weight this new year.  Hands down, the best decision I have made in 45 years next to marrying my wife!



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